Lawrence Blob, M.D.

  • Class Year 1972

  • Degree B.S. Biology

Lawrence Blob, M.D., studied biology at Loyola on the pre-med track. He went on to medical school and spent much of his medical career practicing and teaching emergency medicine. Dr. Blob went on to found two health care businesses, which he sold to national companies, and serve as a consultant for pharmaceutical companies, helping develop and conduct clinical trials. The entrepreneur from Halethorpe, Md., was introduced to the medical challenges of Africa when he befriended a Sierra Leonean named Abdulai Fofana (now deceased). Dr. Blob visited his friend’s hometown of Tombo Wala, considered by some to be the most impoverished community on the continent. Shocked and moved by what he witnessed there, Dr. Blob established MediSolutions in Sierra Leone to provide access to safe drugs imported from England. During the Ebola outbreak in 2014-16, MediSolutions provided medical equipment, disinfectants, and other supplies to the United Nations Development Program. Working with the University of Maryland School of Medicine, where Dr. Blob earned his medical degree in 1976, the company was able to bring medical supplies to the medical unit of Sierra Leone’s armed forces as it addressed the Ebola outbreak.

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Lawrence Blob, M.D.
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