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  • Class of 2020

  • Major, Minor Computer Science, Mathematics

"Loyola's family feel as well as its strong academic presence is what drew me to Loyola. I found while walking around campus that everyone was friendly and I felt welcomed before I even made a decision to attend," says Chiara, who grew up in New Jersey. As a CPaMS Scholar, she is learning in a cohort with members of her class who are also focused on careers in STEM. "The CPaMS program creates a wonderful learning environment of equally engaged peers and puts us all in touch with really cool members of the academic community to learn about different career options and internship opportunities," Chiara says. She is in the process of applying to internships for next semester and summer; on campus, Chiara is an Evergreen and a member of the Women in Technology Club. Her passion for music drove her to join Loyola's Chapel Choir and Ukulele Club. Chiara is the recipient of two national fellowships, the prestigious William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship and the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship to study abroad in the United Arab Emirates during her junior year. And while she's still defining her plans for the future, she knows this: "After I graduate, I will land a job in my field that will be exciting, challenging, and help to better the world."

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The Jesuit education at Loyola doesn’t simply prepare me for a life in the workforce, it prepares me to be a leader in our ever-changing world. Loyola’s core values have opened my mind to so many thoughts and perspectives. I am a better person from what I have learned so far, and I cannot wait to see who I become by graduation.

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