• Class of 2019

  • ProgramM.S. Clinical Psychology

Originally from Dallas, Cierra earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Clemson University before arriving at Loyola, which she chose because it offers one of the few M.S. in Clinical Psychology programs that requires students to write a master’s thesis, an aspect that appealed to her. Since taking an introductory psychology course in college, she’s been enamored with the subject and is now living out her dream. Her ultimate goal is to complete her doctorate in psychology and eventually work in community psychology, which will give her the chance to help communities find and work towards solutions to their problems. What she likes best about Loyola's Jesuit education is that it invites her to reflect on her experiences, so she can be aware of her strengths and weaknesses as both a student and as a professional psychologist. During her time in the program, Cierra has been able to gain clinical experience, including clinical interviews, psychotherapy, and assessments, in addition to participation in a research externship, which has helped her apply concepts from her courses.

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In the psychology field, self-reflection is very important. If you do not know yourself, you cannot help your clients. A major part of a Jesuit education is reflecting on your experiences, and this has really helped me get to know myself and to grow and develop as a professional.

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