• Class of 2019

  • Majors, Minor English and Writing, Gender Studies

“My professors’ personal investment in my success has pushed me to be the best student and person I can be, and I attribute so much of my growth to them,” says Rodlyn, who grew up in Eastchester, N.Y., and enrolled at Loyola because of the sense of belonging she felt on campus. She finds the English and Writing departments at Loyola unique because they allow her to hone her skills not only with different faculty members, but also with her peers. Rodlyn is in the Honors Program. She also serves as an ambassador for MOSAIC, the Women of Color Initiative on campus.  The editor-in-chief of The Greyhound serves as co-vice president of Loyola's Gender & Sexualities Studies club. Rodlyn is proud of the way The Greyhound has gained a presence on campus, and of the partnerships the Gender & Sexualities Studies club has made with other organizations to better advocate for gender equality. After graduation, Rodlyn is moving abroad to Copenhagen, Denmark, to begin her role at the Danish Institute of Study Abroad (DIS), where she will be responsible for coordinating all activities for students and faculty in the Gender Studies, Human Rights, Communication, and Computer Science programs. Rodlyn’s future aspirations include working for a non-profit and possibly pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry.

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The Jesuit idea of being men and women for others has really pushed me to think and act beyond myself and ensure that everything I do is somehow contributing to the greater good. I know that because of Loyola, whatever I choose to pursue in the future will involve helping others and amplifying voices of those whose stories and struggles are often silenced or remain unheard.

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