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COVID-19 Vaccination FAQ

Is the COVID vaccine required for Loyola students for Fall 2021?

Yes, all undergraduate and graduate students attending class in person must receive their final dose of one of the COVID vaccines by Aug. 1, 2021. In addition, students who will be on campus this summer must be fully vaccinated by July 1, 2021.

Can I request an exemption?

Yes, but exemptions will be granted only for documented medical and religious reasons. A medical exemption must include a note from a board-certified physician or other healthcare provider (MD, NP, PA primary provider, or specialist) discussing supporting evidence for the reason for the request. Students who claim exemption are subject to routine surveillance testing; non-compliance will result in adjudication/conduct process. You can find more information about exemptions on the waiver form link.

Is the COVID vaccine required for Loyola faculty, staff, and administrators?

The University is not yet requiring vaccination for FSA. However, Fr. Linnane and the President’s Cabinet expect faculty, staff, and administrators to be vaccinated, in keeping with the spirit of our community and our Jesuit values. The University is continuing to examine the possibility of requiring the vaccine for employees and reserves the right to require it in the future.

Why is Loyola requiring the vaccine for students but not for employees?

The University is most concerned about our student population, which has experienced and contributed to community spread the most during the past year. Transmission happens much more rarely through work interactions, whereas transmission occurred more regularly in congregate living—both on and off-campus. Faculty, staff, and administrators saw a much lower incidence in overall infection—and they willingly complied with public health mitigation strategies, such as symptom monitoring and mask compliance. As of early May 2021, more than 50% of Loyola’s faculty, staff, and administrators had already been vaccinated

Will I be required to get a booster?

Loyola will work in consultation with medical experts to determine if and when boosters might be needed in the future.

How will having all students vaccinated improve my experience for the 2021-2022 academic year?

With a vaccinated student population on campus next fall, we will be able to offer our students a richer in-person experience, reduce testing, carve out less space for isolation and quarantine, and let students interact more freely. We will also help contribute to the health of our Baltimore community.

Will I still be tested?

You will remain in the surveillance testing pool. We will continue to monitor best practices on this point from the CDC and health officials.

Will I still have to quarantine if I am exposed to COVID-19?

If you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you will not need to quarantine if you are exposed—unless you begin to show symptoms. Then you will need to quarantine and be tested.

What if I am living outside the U.S.?

International students need to receive a U.S.-approved (full or EUA) vaccine.  If you are an international student, please speak with OISS about these requirements.  Given many nations worldwide do not have the vaccine widely available to college-aged individuals, we will work with you to get you vaccinated quickly upon arrival to the U.S.

Am I eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine?

All people who are 16 or older are eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations at vaccination sites in Maryland.

I’ve had COVID-19. Is it safe or necessary to get vaccinated?

Yes, the CDC recommends that you can and should get vaccinated against COVID-19 once you complete your 10-day period of isolation. If you have received a treatment for COVID-19 known as monoclonal antibodies, you would wait 90 days from infusion to receive the vaccine.

How can I get vaccinated?

There are several ways to get vaccinated:

Vaccination Clinic on the Evergreen campus

Loyola will host a free COVID-19 vaccination clinic on the Evergreen campus on Tuesday, May 25, (for the first dose) and Tuesday, June 15, (for the second dose) for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and administrators. You can register for your first dose through this registration link.


Loyola students, faculty, staff, and administrators can register for the COVID vaccine through the LifeBridge website to receive their vaccines at Northwest Hospital, 5400 Old Court Road, Randallstown.

To register, follow these instructions:

  • Go to www.lifebridgehealth.org
  • Click on the red banner at the top where it says: CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A VACCINE AT A LIFEBRIDGE SITE
  • Fill out the information and include LOYOLA in the EMPLOYER SECTION
  • Click “Yes” under the option that says, “Education and continuity of government”
  • Once processed, you will receive an email with a link to select a time for your vaccine.

You can also schedule a vaccination through one of these websites

Why should I get vaccinated?

Being vaccinated protects you and others. The COVID-19 vaccine will help prevent you from getting COVID-19 and spreading it to others. Here are resources with more information:

What do I do once I am vaccinated?

Students should take a photo of your COVID-19 vaccination record card and email it to healthservices@loyola.edu.

Faculty, staff, and administrators can report that they have received the vaccine through GetVitalCheck and submit a photo of their COVID-19 vaccination record card.

Will I still have to comply with Loyola policies?

Once you are fully vaccinated (two weeks after your final dose), you must continue to wear a mask, engage in social distancing, participate in COVID-19 testing, and comply with all policies. One exception is that residential students who are fully vaccinated will not need to participate in Campus Assessment and Restriction Periods. All individuals who are fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine if exposed to COVID-19 unless they become symptomatic.

At this time, and under the direction of the Maryland Department of Health, we will continue to keep fully vaccinated individuals in the surveillance testing pool. The COVID-19 vaccine is primarily being used to decrease the severity of the virus rather than prevent contraction. For now, we must continue to use random surveillance testing of asymptomatic individuals to help us identify the virus and mitigate—or reduce—spread, especially in Loyola housing.

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