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Coronavirus Updates

Visitor Procedures and Guidelines for Visitor Hosts

General procedures and guidelines for hosting all visitors

The health and safety of the Loyola University Maryland community, including visitors, is our priority. The following guidance is effective immediately through July 31, 2021, and will be updated as conditions change. During the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting health and safety requires the implementation of special precautions and guidelines affecting visitors to Loyola campuses and facilities.

Members of the Loyola community are reminded to be courteous and respectful of all people so as not to stigmatize or discriminate against any groups.

All non-essential visits to Loyola campus facilities are cancelled until further notice.

As we work to promote the health and safety of our campus community, we must carefully consider the University’s ability to continue critical business functions during this time. For visits to be considered essential, visits generally must be necessary to:

  • Continue critical business or operational functions; or 
  • Preserve the safety of a student or employee; or 
  • Preserve the results of a teaching or research activity; or 
  • Meet a graduation requirement for students 

All visitors (including contractors or vendors) with authorization to be on campus must comply with Loyola’s social distancing and face covering protocols. These include undergraduate admission and student recruit visits, weddings, Sunday masses, and spectators for any scheduled athletic events where spectators are allowed.

Decisions regarding essential campus visits will be at the discretion of the applicable divisional vice president for the area performing the work or otherwise coordinating the visit. Contractors, vendors or employee service personnel may not enter student residence halls without permission of the applicable divisional vice president or designee for the areas performing the work, who is also responsible for informing the department of public safety when these visitors will be on campus and when they are expected to leave so that proper protocols may be followed.

All contracts should include a statement that contractors and/or subcontractors sent to Loyola will be provided with a copy of, and be expected to follow, Loyola’s “Information and Guidelines for Visitors on Campus.” The “Information and Guidelines for Visitors on Campus” should be attached to the contract as an addendum.

Hosts of visitors are required to check-in visitors upon arrival. Visitor logs must be kept by the divisional  leadership, and visitor hosts must ensure that visitors provide their full name, address, phone number, email address, representative company, vendor or contractor name if applicable, purpose of the visit, time in and time out, and the person, facility, entity they will visit while on campus.

All visitors must be provided with a copy of “Information and Guidelines for Visitors on Campus." Hosts must have visitors sign the host copy of the “Information and Guidelines for Visitors on Campus Form." Hosts must maintain records of the signed copies.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

In addition to the general guidelines above, Undergraduate Admissions should adhere to the following additional guidelines:

Undergraduate Admission Guidelines

  • Limit visit schedule to guided tours only. No group information sessions to minimize groups congregating in presentation spaces.
  • Limit all tours at 5 families per tour. 
  • Limit each prospective student to one guest which would mean a maximum of 10 people on any given tour. 
  • Offer a morning slot (10 am) and afternoon slot (2pm). With 3 tours running concurrently this would mean no more than 30 people visiting at any given time. Once students return to campus and we have our full slate of tour guides available to us we will consider expansion of this proposed tour schedule.
  • Utilize the refectory, hug lounge, and our existing presentation/reception space to check in guests pre tour and to answer any lingering questions post tour.
  • Have 3-4 UGA staff present each day on a rotating schedule. There would also be 2-3 Financial Aid staff in each day on a rotating schedule.
  • The UGA website will indicate that guests should schedule visits in advance and should not visit if they are not feeling well. Something like:
  • Daily Visits will be offered in a small group setting in accordance with state and local government guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This will include wearing face masks and practicing social distancing. There will be a check-in process upon arrival. If you traveled out of country recently, been exposed to someone with a diagnosed or suspected case of COVID-19, are running a fever, or just plain not feeling like yourself, please stay home and rest. We will work with you to reschedule a visit in the near future when you are healthy.

In addition to the general guidelines above, Residence Hall visits are subject to the following additional guidelines:

Residence Hall Guidelines

See the Student Policies page for residence hall guidelines.

Visiting Families

Families who want to visit their students on campus during the Spring 2021 semester are permitted to visit campus, with the exception of entering the residence halls. Except during move-in and move-out, residence hall access is limited to the students who are assigned to those buildings. All visitors must wear face coverings at all times and engage in social distancing. The University reserves the right to change this policy at any time or limit visitors based on the status of COVID-19 on campus.

Chapel Guidelines

  • Due to the ongoing pandemic and limited capacity, only students and employees who are part of Loyola's surveillance testing are able to attend scheduled Masses on campus. Learn more on Campus Ministry's Catholic Worship page.
  • For the latest policies about weddings at Loyola, visit the Campus Ministry Weddings page

Event Guidelines

  • Large events have been cancelled or moved to a virtual format.
  • Student events are closed to non-community members.
  • Non-student events, where possible, are closed to non-community members.
  • Guidelines regarding spectators at athletic events is TBD.

Loyola/Notre Dame Library Guidelines

  • The Library will open on Aug. 17, and it will only be open to students, faculty, staff, and administrators of Loyola and Notre Dame until further notice.

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