Loyola University Maryland

Department of Pastoral Counseling


Clinical Internships and Placement

The master of science clinical internship program provides an opportunity for students to learn theoretical frameworks, develop clinical skills, and gain hours towards state licensure. The required clinical program is a three-year commitment during which M.S. students are placed in two separate clinical settings, each for one year. The clinical internship is meant to be completed over four consecutive semesters.

Once students have successfully completed the requirements and foundational coursework, they are eligible to begin their clinical internship. The first year of the internship can be completed in the following sequences: Fall/Spring sequence taking place from September to December and January to May, or the Spring/Summer sequence taking place from January to May and May to July.

Students will accrue at least 800 general clinical hours during their internships. Within the 800 general clinical hours, at least 280 hours must be client contact hours. Client contact hours may include such activities as individual and group counseling sessions, clinical intake, and information gathering sessions. Conversely, general clinical hours may account for time spent at the clinical site performing clinical duties, attending in-service seminars and workshops, and on-site supervision (individual or group). In addition to completing classes PC661 through PC664, students should accrue a minimum of 200 clinical hours each semester. Within the general clinical hours, students should complete 63 client contact hours each semester. Students will spend about 10-12 hours at their sites each week, with about four to six of those hours being client contact hours.