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Graduate Schools Accepting Psychology Students

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Graduate psychology schools offer a broad range of specializations from which students can choose. Psychology is an extremely broad field and you can decide to concentrate on a major branch of psychology, such as cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, behavioral psychology or applied psychology. Or you can study school counseling, school psychology or educational psychology, should you be interested in a career in education.

Many students who attend graduate psychology schools intend to become therapists and study in areas such as rehabilitation therapy, art therapy or sex therapy. Graduate psychology programs also exist in the areas of pastoral counseling, marriage and family counseling, and substance abuse counseling. Graduate psychology schools enable students to choose a course of study that is specifically tailored to their academic and professional goals.

"Now that I'm in grad school, I really see how my education there
really prepared me well for post-graduate education. So, thumbs
up to the Loyola psychology faculty!" -
Undergraduate alum