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The Minor in African and African American Studies (AAAS) offers opportunities for critical examination and sophisticated understanding of the cultural, social, political, economic, and historical factors that have created and shaped Africa and its diaspora, including black experiences in the United States, the Caribbean, and throughout the globe.

Completion of the minor requires completion of (1) six, three-credit courses and (2) a portfolio of representative work in the minor, submitted to program director in the final year.  Students should work with the program director, in addition to their major advisor, to devise a coherent program of study. Meeting once per semester with the director is suggested.

Course Requirements

Credits toward the minor must come from at least three distinct disciplines and at least four of the six courses must be at the 300-level or above. Additionally, up to two courses may be cross-counted between the AAAS minor and another major or minor.  Courses for the minor include:

  • One African Studies Elective
  • Two African American Studies Electives

Three African, African American, African Diaspora, and/or Comparative Racial Studies Electives.

Check the semester bulletin for courses which count toward the minor.  In addition, the following can count toward the AAAS minor with prior approval from the program director:

  • A senior seminar or capstone project.
  • Up to three study-abroad courses, in consultation with the Department accepting the credit.
  • Service-learning courses which entail working with African American or African diaspora populations in the greater Baltimore area.
  • Internship courses offered through a student's major. (Up to two internships may count toward graduation requirements. See the Internship Policy for more information.)
  • Individual courses taken at Loyola where a substantial aspect of the course (i.e. - final project or alike) significantly engages with topics relevant to AAAS.
  • Up to two courses offered through the Baltimore Student Exchange Program at other area colleges and universities.

Portfolio Requirements

A portfolio of representative work in the minor, submitted to the program director in the final year, is required.  Students are required to work with the program director to compile and submit the selection of representative work from various AAAS approved courses.  The portfolio should be submitted (1) in PDF format and (2) be completely self-contained within a single document with appropriate bookmarks.

Portfolio requirements and deadlines include:

  • A required meeting with the program director by midterm of the semester prior to expected graduation.  At this meeting, the student should present an outline of the proposed items to be included in the portfolio.  
  • In the student’s final semester (March if graduation is in the spring semester or October if graduation is in the fall semester), the student will submit their final portfolio to the program director.  The portfolio should include:
    • An opening statement which will serve as (1) a summation of the portfolio and (2) a reflection of their course of study in the AAAS program. This statement should be 2-3 pages in total length.
    • A minimum of three (3) items from three (3) distinct courses which are representative of their best work.

Contact Us

For questions or to declare the minor, contact the AAAS Director:

Dr. Raenita A. Fenner
Associate Professor

Phone: (410) - 617 - 2512