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Chemistry Students

Students who complete all required courses in the program receive a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Students planning to attend dental or medical school should take at least a minimum of BL118/BL119 and BL121/BL126 as elective courses. For students interested in graduate studies, MA304 and MA351 are recommended as elective courses. A biochemistry/molecular biology concentration within the Interdisciplinary Major in Biology/Chemistry is available to students planning careers in biochemistry. This concentration also provides students with a foundation for graduate studies in biochemistry, molecular, or cell biology. A chemistry minor is also available. CH110, CH112, CH113, CH114, and GL110 may be elected in partial fulfillment of the natural science core requirement for the non-natural science major.

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Birgid Albrecht

Birgit Albrecht, Ph.D.

Birgit Albrecht, Ph.D., is as passionate about her students as she is about teaching and studying science