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Student Research

A major educational goal of Loyola's chemistry and biochemistry department is to introduce undergraduates to the scientific research. Supervised (independent) research is also valuable for students interested in graduate training as well as pre-professional students with a serious interest in research. The projects are designed together with the faculty sponsor and are meant to take full advantage of the faculty member's expertise and equipment.

Students who are interested in a research experience have two options: research credit during the semester or the Hauber summer fellowship program.

For research credits, students must obtain permission to enroll in a research course from the faculty member who has committed to serving as the research mentor as well as the department chair. If you are interested in research credits, talk to your advisor and read the research descriptions of the chemistry faculty.

Each summer, a select group of highly motivated, talented undergraduates work side-by-side with faculty from the six natural science departments at Loyola to conduct research in the faculty area of interest. Typically, there are one to two Hauber student in the chemistry and biochemistry department each year. For many students, a Hauber Fellowship has been a stepping stone to campus and national awards (e.g., Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium, Goldwater Scholarship), co-authors on presentations and/or manuscripts, and entry into professional or graduate school.

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