Loyola University Maryland

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry Major

Chemistry Students

Requirements for a major and an example of a typical program of courses are as follows:

Freshman Year

Fall Term

  • CH101 General Chemistry I*
  • CH105 General Chemistry Lab I* (1 credit)
  • MA251 Calculus I*
  • WR100 Effective Writing**
  • Language Core
  • Elective**/***

Spring Term

  • CH102 General Chemistry II*
  • CH106 General Chemistry Lab II* (1 credit)
  • HS100-Level Core Course**
  • MA252 Calculus II*
  • Language Core or
  • Elective
  • Elective**/***

Sophomore Year

Fall Term

  • CH201 Quantitative Analysis*
  • CH301 Organic Chemistry I*
  • CH307 Organic Chemistry Lab I* (1 credit)
  • PH201 General Physics I*
  • PH291 General Physics Lab I* (1 credit)
  • PL201 Foundations of Philosophy or
  • TH201Theology Matters
  • Elective**/***

Spring Term

  • CH302 Organic Chemistry II*
  • CH308 Organic Chemistry Lab II* (1 credit)
  • EN101 The Art of Reading
  • PH202 General Physics II*
  • PH292 General Physics Lab II* (1 credit)
  • PL201 Foundations of Philosophy or
  • TH201 Theology Matters
  • Fine Arts Core**

Junior Year

Fall Term

  • CH311 Physical Chemistry I*
  • CH315 Physical Chemistry Lab I* (1 credit)
  • CH406 Organic Synthesis*
  • PL200-Level or TH200-Level Course
  • EN200-Level or HS300-Level Course**
  • Elective**

Spring Term

  • CH312 Physical Chemistry II*
  • CH316 Physical Chemistry Lab II* (1 credit)
  • Social Science Course**
  • Elective**
  • Elective**
  • Elective**

Senior Year

Fall Term

  • CH412 Inorganic Chemistry* (4 credits)
  • CH431 Biochemistry I*
  • CH433 Biochemistry Lab I* (1 credit)
  • Ethics Core**
  • Elective**
  • Elective**

Spring Term

  • CH410 Instrumental Methods*
  • CH411 Instrumental Methods Lab* (1 credit)
  • CH/MA/PH Elective (300-level or higher)*
  • Social Science Core**

For individual course descriptions, please visit the Loyola catalog.

* Required for major.
** Terms may be interchanged.
*** Students planning to attend medical or dental school may substitute BL118, BL121, or another elective.


1. Chemistry electives include CH420 and CH432/CH434. CH420 may be used to fulfill the CH/MA/PH elective for the chemistry major if it is completed as a 3-credit course. Further research credits will count as free electives.

2. Students must complete the diversity core requirement through a designated diversity core, major, or elective course. (see Diversity Core Requirement under Curriculum and Policies).

Theresa Nguyen

Theresa Nguyen, Ph.D.

Dr. Nguyen attributes her success as a scientist and as a professor to her Jesuit education