Loyola University Maryland

Department of Fine Arts

Art History Faculty

Dr. Barnaby Nygren

Dr. Barnaby Nygren (Ph.D., Harvard University)

Associate Professor of Fine Arts

Teaching Areas: Italian and Northern Renaissance Art, Michelangelo, Baroque Art, Prints and Printmaking, Spanish Colonial Art
Research Interests: Perspective and humor in early Renaissance painting, psychoanalysis and art, Michelangelo, art and the New World

Dr. Kerry BoeyeDr. Kerry Boeye (Ph.D., University of Chicago)

Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Teaching Areas: Medieval Art, Islamic Art, Manuscripts
Research Interests: Medieval manuscript illumination, representations of King Solomon.

Other Faculty

Dr. Martha C. Taylor (Ph.D., Stanford University)

Associate Professor of Classics
Teaching Areas: Greek and Roman Art and Architecture
Research Interests: Athenian History, Thucydides

Dan Schlapbach (MFA, Indiana University)

Associate Professor of Fine Arts (Photography)
Teaching Areas: Silver and Digital Photography; History of Photography
Research Interests: Stereo Photography; Alternative Processes, Digital Photography

Mary Beth Akre

Mary Beth Akre, MFA

Professor of studio arts Mary Beth Akre, MFA, is also a celebrated landscape artist

Fine Arts
Students holding sticks and wearing white clothes in a roman setting
Academic Opportunities

Waiting in the wings

Student troupes explore the world of theater, and gain production experience, and bring classic and contemporary works to life on Loyola's stage.