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Built-in, Amy Ritter
January 13 - February 7, 2020

Amy Ritter Artist Talk:
Thursday, January 30, 2020 at 6PM in McManus Theater
Reception in the Gallery immediately following

Amy Ritter artwork
Amy Ritter, Montray Heights Window 2, 2020, OSB plywood, Xerox print, 41.5 x 61.5 inches


Mobile home parks exist at the very lowest rungs of the hierarchy of urban land use and are spatially regulated to the outer reaches of urban areas. These neighborhoods are regulated and visually screened by way of fences, walls, or shrubbery even further distancing them from the mainstream public. This socio-spatial stigma continues to grow and insecurities of home owners rise as their land beneath their homes is sold off.

Built-in is an inside look at mobile home parks around the east coast offering a rare view at affordable housing and their landscapes reflected through photographic windows, street maps, and sculpture. Placed in space, they recreate a memory-scape the viewer is invited to enter, even though, as two-dimensional objects, they continue to resist contact and remain inaccessible to visitors—a reflection of my own changing relationship to these spaces. My body acts like building material creating a structure to connect to class, gender, and home. The body contains a history that follows us around, invisible but always present. Using Xerox prints, plywood, wood paneling, and cinderblocks—materials that relate back to the makeshift homes of my past—I aim to represent and understand the environment I came from and navigate the place I inhabit now.

--Amy Ritter

Mary Beth Akre

Mary Beth Akre, MFA

Professor of studio arts Mary Beth Akre, MFA, is also a celebrated landscape artist

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