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Foon Sham: Sea of Hope
October 17 - November 21, 2019

Reception in the Gallery: Thursday, October 24, 6-8PM
Lecture in McManus Theater: Tuesday, November 19, 7PM

Foon Sham, 'Sea of Hope'

The Julio Fine Arts Gallery is proud to present Foon Sham: Sea of Hope. As an homage to a lost loved one, this immersive installation presents an opportunity for memory and contemplation of loss, but also through the shear number of messages related to the pervasive and persistent disease of Cancer left to become part of the work, a sense of hope and interconnectedness. Sea of Hope is a work that invites our thoughts, our prayers, even our anger, and it grows and changes through the participation of more and more viewers. Born out of one artist's pain, with every paper boat that is added the work becomes much larger than itself. In the artist's words:

"Sea of Hope is an installation I first made in Australia for my mother who died of cancer in 2002. I made the long wooden vessel with 101 blocks of wood as my symbolic response to the hundreds of prayers she made for me. The long vessel is a metaphor for her journey, going somewhere peaceful and quiet. Other people who want to share my feeling of loss can write their messages in black on the white paper boats that I have provided. My sister was the first one who joined in making the paper boats and tea leaves. All my siblings learned how to fold these paper boats since we were little. I used tea leaves as symbols for a cure, as tea leaves contain antioxidants that are supposed to prevent cancer, and a cone form to resemble candle flames.

With over a thousand paper boats collected in exhibitions in Hong Kong, Macau, Australia and more recently in the US, this "Sea of Hope" will continue to grow and interact with people who are willing to share their pains of losing someone to cancer. I like the fact that so many people have participated and are willing to be part of this art piece. The pattern it has created is quite beautiful.

This exhibition of Sea of Hope is the second in the United States."

Foon Sham, 2019

Foon Sham, pages

Foon Sham is the Fine Arts Department and Julio Fine Arts Gallery Fall 2019 Artist-in-Residence. He will be working with Loyola University students in a variety of ways throughout the semester, including building an original artwork. Please reach out to us at mrook-koepsel@loyola.edu if you would like more information regarding his residency.

Images above:
Sea of Hope, 2003-2019, wood, tea leaves, paper, and black ink, dimensions variable
Pages, 2009, yellow pages and pencil on paper,
0.25"x16.5" x 23.375" 

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