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Behold I am so eloquent in my silence:
The Art of Sughra Hussainy

November 29 - December 19, 2018

Artist Talk: December 6th at 6:30pm
4th floor programming room, Andrew White Student Center

Sughra Hussainy, Parwana, 2018

Trained in traditional Afghani and Islamic styles of art including miniature paintings, calligraphy, and illuminations, Sughra Hussainy uses her art to bring about social change. From November 29 – December 19, 2018, the Julio Fine Arts Gallery will present Behold how eloquent I am in my silence: The Art of Sughra Hussainy, an exhibition that follows Hussainy’s journey through her art—living in a country torn by conflict, escaping the Taliban, becoming an asylum seeker, and navigating a new language and country, all the while advocating fiercely for the importance and humanity of all people. Through her art, Hussainy can speak and encourage viewers to break down the preconceived ideas that enforce the boundaries between people and keep others’ voices silent. Hussainy’s art, though traditional in technique and style, speaks the language of social change, on behalf of women, of Muslims, of Afghanistan.Sughra Hussainy, Reflection in the Mirror, 2014

The title comes from a well-known poem written by the 13th century Persian poet, Rumi. The full text of the line reads “behold how eloquent I am without a tongue.” In translating this line from Farsi, Hussainy found “Behold how eloquent I am in my silence” to be a more accurate sentiment. And it was a sentiment that moved her deeply, as her artwork is her own form of silent, yet powerful, expression. “Behold” is both a call to action—to listen with our eyes—and a plea to discern, and to give voice and empowerment to those without. Hussainy’s life has held many challenges—the loss of her parents at a young age, religious conflict, living as a refugee—but she has turned to art to guide her through each one. Art gives Hussainy a platform and a voice through which to speak, and her eloquence, even ‘without a tongue’ is apparent in each work on view.

Sughra Hussainy, detail, 'Ayatal Kursi'

This exhibition is a partnership between Sughra Hussainy, the Julio Fine Arts Gallery, and the students in Dr. Kerry Boeye’s Islamic Art course, AH204 and the curatorial vision of the exhibition reflects that partnership and spirit of learning. Hussainy met with and learned alongside the students in the class, and the students’ research and understanding of the foundation of Islamic art have added immeasurably to the content of the exhibition. 



Images, from top to bottom:
Sughra Hussainy, Parwana
Sughra Hussainy, Tahnin-e-aina (Reflection in the Mirror)
Sughra Hussainy, detail Ayatal Kursi

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