Loyola University Maryland

Department of Fine Arts

Past Exhibitions

 2020 Annual Student Exhibition Postcard  2020 Annual Student Exhibition
Virtual Student Exhibition
detail of Jackie Milad artwork  Jackie Milad: It Means Desert, Desert
February 13 - March 10, 2020
Amy Ritter artwork   Built-in, Solo Exhibition by Amy Ritter
January 13 - February 7, 2020
 Para11els show image

 Para11els: Professional Practices Senior Exhibition
December 5 - 16, 2019

Foon Sham, 'Sea of Hope'  Foon Sham: Sea of Hope
October 17 - November 21, 2019
 Ballplayers in Love by Rene Trevino

René Treviño: Stelae
September 12 - October 11, 2019

Student show artwork 

 2019 Annual Student Exhibition
April 11 - April 28, 2019

 Sharon Servilio, Blue WorldSylvie van Helden, #atone

Temporal Embodiments
Sharon Servilio and Sylvie van Helden
February 21 - March 30, 2019

 Wesley Clark, A Tale of Two, 2013  No Language
Michael Booker, Tawny Chatmon,
Wesley Clark, Breai Mason-Campbell,
Antonio McAfee, & Ada Pinkston
January 14 - February 17, 2019
Sughra Hussainy    Behold I am so eloquent in my silence:
The Art of Sughra Hussainy

November 29 - December 19, 2018
 Jon Malis, sRGB (The Colors of the Internet), 2018 Charts and Records: Documents of Conditions and Processes 
Billy Friebele & Jon Malis
October 26 - November 18, 2018
 Ellen Hill Receiving Blanket  Natural Forces: Wood Paintings by Ellen Hill
September 20 - October 21, 2018
 Oxman 'An Acre for a Bird to Choose'

Katja Oxman: A Room Within
June 5-September 16, 2018

Student Artwork  Annual Student Exhibition
April 12-30, 2018
Brenton Good 'Assisi 6'  Brenton Good: Assisi
March 5-April 8, 2018
 Apokaluptein Panel by Jesse Krimes Jesse Krimes: Apokaluptein 1638906
February 1-28, 2018
 Faculty Show Composite Image Faculty Biennial 2018
January 10-28, 2018
'Meraki' Student Show Card  MERAKI: Professional Practices Senior Show
November 29-December 10, 2017
Condron Gallery Show  Picking up the Pieces: Work by Jim Condron
October 27-November 22, 2017
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Kyle Bauer 'Chatter'  chatter: Kyle Bauer
September 21-October 22, 2017
in the light of the body composite photo  In The Light of the Body: Paintings and Photographs by Gwen Hardie & Regina DeLuise
June 2-September 17, 2017
 d'agostino photo 1 Julia D'Agostino: Manifestations of Space & Place
May 3-20, 2017
Emily DePauw Photo 

2017 Annual Student Show
April 5-30, 2017

Belly Amphora 

Fractured Histories: Ancient Greek Pottery from Haverford's Allen Collection
February 27-April 2, 2017

 Jay Gould Mirrors Are Leaks Uncertain Passages: Jay Gould
January 25-Febraury 19, 2017
 Caprini-Rosica photo

essentia: 2016 Professional Practices Show
December 14-January 22

 Composite of works by Cheryl Derricote and Nate Lewis Fragile Vessels: Cheryl Derricote and Nate Lewis
November 10-December 11
 Shellow Installation Leslie Shellow: Fierce Beauty
October 6-November 3, 2016
Mary Opasik Blue Fish  Mary Opasik: Finding Meaning
October 12-November 9, 2016

 Inner Light by Carol Frost

Carol Miller Frost: Perception of Light
September 6, 2016-October 2, 2016

birds and bees exhibition 

The Birds and the Bees: Baltimore Realist Painters &Ralph Wright Photography
May 26-August 11, 2016

Student Show Graphic

2016 Annual Student Exhibition
April 9-May 1, 2016

Ron King Punch 

Artists' Books from the Edgar and Betty Sweren Collection
February 15-April 3, 2016

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Installation  Text + Context: Jerome Hershey and Robert Toyakazu Troxell
January 14-February 9, 2016

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 Billy Friebele's Lost in the Crowd 2015 Faculty Biennial
November 9 – December 9, 2015
 Artist Composite
Three Artists, Three Views: Eric Golias, William Kocher, John David Wissler
October 5-November 1, 2015

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 Dickson Image 3 Michelle Dickson: Negotiating Absence
September 2-27, 2015

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 'Workers in the Field' Construed and Constructed by Brant Schuller and Shawn Williams
February 16-March 16, 2015

View Brent Schuller and Shawn Williams' artists' talk

Dan Schlapbach PDF Announcement Another Time by Dan Schlapbach
January 12-Febraury 8, 2015

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Explosive Resolution  Explosion/Resolution by Marley Dawson
November 11-December 10, 2014

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Maher-Debating Team  Trusting the Process by Janet Maher
October 1 - November 2, 2014

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Borders with Lillian Bayley Hoover
Borders by Lillian Bayley Hoover
February 21 - March 30, 2014

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CIPHER: New works by Stephanie Benassi
January 17-February 16, 2014

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Faculty Biennial
2013 Faculty Biennial
October 24-December 8

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 Take a Look: Mine Ours Yours
Take a Look: Mine Ours Yours
September 9-October 17, 2013

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Ann Rentschler: From Known to Unknown exhibition flyer Ann Rentschler: From Known to Unknown
February 22–April 4, 2013

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Sum Multiplicity: More Than the Sum of the Parts
January 12-February 17, 2013

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Look through the Lens A Look Through Our Lens: The Documented Travels of Loyola's First Global Generation
November 29-December 9, 2012

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Vanishing Landscape by Mary Beth Akre
The Vanishing Rural Landscape: Mary Beth Akre
October 22–November 20, 2012
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 Intervenida: New Installation by Emily C-D Intervenida: New Installation by Emily C-D
September 10-October 14

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 Dialogue Through the Arts: A Jewish-German Exploration Exhibition
Dialogue through the Arts: A Jewish-German Exploration
February 29 - April 4, 2012

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 Altered States Exhibition
Altered States
January - February 2011

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 2011 Faculty Biennial Exhibition
2011 Faculty Biennial
October 20 – November 20, 2011

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 Raices y Influencia Exhibition
Raíces y Influencia (Roots and Influences)
September 12 – October 13, 2011

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Joseph Hu Exhibition 

Joseph Hu / Wonder and the Everyday
March 14 - April 10, 2011

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 Laure Drogoul Exhibition
Laure Drogoul / Headform for the Age of Magical Thinking
January 24 – February 27, 2011

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 Beverly Ress Exhibition
Beverly Ress / Floating World
October 21 – November 23, 2010

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 Sue Wrbican Exhibition
Sue Wrbican / Propagation of Uncertainty
September 13 – October 14, 2010

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 Cindy Cheng and Chloe Watson Exhibition
Cindy Cheng & Chloe Watson / Strange Interlude
February 22 – March 28, 2010

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 Josh Gillen Exhibition
Josh Gillen / Wonderland
January 15 – February 14, 2010

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 2009 Faculty Biennial Exhibition
2009 Faculty Biennial
November 11 – December 9, 2009

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 Sarah Hobbs Exhibition
Sarah Hobbes / Does This Sound Like You?
October 8 – November 4, 2009

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 Kim Beck Exhibition
Kim Beck / Ownership Society
September 7 – October 4, 2009

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 Fantastical Imaginings Exhibition
Fantastical Imaginings
February 19 – March 28, 2009

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 Stewart Watson and Mike Geno Exhibition
Meat & Sugar / Stewart Watson, Mike Geno
January 12 – February 13, 2009

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 Amanda Card Exhibition
Amanda Burnham / Denominator
November 3 – December 10, 2008

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 Loyola Collects Exhibition
Loyola Collects
October 6 – October 26, 2008

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Kate Jordan

This 2006 grad fuses her art history degree with contemporary style to bring spaces and food to life

Art History
Students holding sticks and wearing white clothes in a roman setting
Academic Opportunities

Waiting in the wings

Student troupes explore the world of theater, and gain production experience, and bring classic and contemporary works to life on Loyola's stage.