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Mary Beth Akre Artwork

2020 Faculty Biennial Loyola University Maryland

POSTPONED due to University COVID-19 related closures. Stay tuned for information regarding updated dates and programs!

Celebrate the accomplishments of our wonderful Fine Arts faculty and get a glimpse of what they do in their (non-teaching) artistic practice!

Participating Faculty Artists:
Mary Beth Akre
Billy Friebele
Camila Franco Ribeiro Gomide
Christopher Lonegan
Jon Malis
Janey Olney
Ronald Pearl
Daniel Pinha
E. Brady Robinson
Dan Schlapbach
Anthony Villa

above: Mary Beth Akre, The Bones of my Soul, chestnut wood, copper wire, tacks, brads

Phil Dayao

Phil Dayao

Phil is studying architecture to develop sustainable housing made from shipping containers for families experiencing homelessness in Baltimore

Communication, Fine Arts
Students holding sticks and wearing white clothes in a roman setting
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Waiting in the wings

Student troupes explore the world of theater, and gain production experience, and bring classic and contemporary works to life on Loyola's stage.