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Here you can find information about the program, lessons, ensembles, and where to go for more information. We hope you make the most of your musical talents during your college years. Whether you are interested in pursuing music professionally, continuing to develop your skills, or hoping to use your time at Loyola to begin studying music, you’ll find many opportunities. Housed in a recently renovated and enlarged music facility in the Julio Fine Arts Wing, Loyola offers a diversified Music Program including performing ensembles, courses in music history, theory, performance and technology and a professional and student concert series.

The facilities include sound proof practice rooms, recital room, computer lab with notation software, a new recording studio (Fall of 2015), two electronic music studios, classrooms, and a rehearsal room.

The department hosts 20+ concerts and recitals per year from faculty and guest artists, as well as an interactive new music series

The department has Choral, Jazz, Chamber, Steel Pan, and Classical Guitar ensembles. We also offer lessons in all standard instruments and voice.

All courses, ensembles, and lessons are open to students regardless of major or minor. 

Anna DeBlasio

Anna DeBlasio

An actor and singer, Anna says she cultivated her career in the arts through grants from Loyola

English, Fine Arts
A collage of drawings of the human form with various cultural modifications
Course Snapshot

Exploring Studio Arts 303: Life Drawing

Students in this fine arts class examine the structure—and intellectual context—of the human anatomy.