Loyola University Maryland

Department of Fine Arts

Photography Learning Aims

Students with a photography concentration will demonstrate a mastery in the following five areas:

  1. Technical command of the photographic medium. Students should be able to make confident, informed decisions regarding composition, exposure and print quality, using both analog and digital technology.
  2. Command of the skills necessary to evoke their personal visions.
  3. Heightened visual sensibility. Students should learn to see both with their eyes and their cameras and make astute compositional decisions in their photographs.
  4. Knowledge of the history of the photographic medium and how it relates to the history of the other fine arts.
  5. Fluent knowledge of the vocabulary of photographic aesthetics. Through their photographs, critiques and written evaluations students should demonstrate an ability to articulate their intentions about their own work and criticisms about others’ works using objective terminology.
Natka Bianchini

Natka Bianchini, Ph.D.

A professor of theatre, Dr. Bianchini helps students discover what ignites their passion

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