Loyola University Maryland

Gender and Sexuality Studies

Independent Work

Declared minors may earn Gender and Sexuality Elective credit doing independent work in two ways: completing an Independent study in Gender Studies (SC341) or completing a Gender and Sexuality Studies Practicum (SC403). Both options are accessed through the Gender Studies Director.

Independent study in Gender Studies (SC341)

This 3-credit SC341 course was created to enable declared G&SS minors to pursue their academic interests beyond the scope of courses offered in the minor. Independent work may involve reading and analyzing feminist texts, applying a feminist interpretation to classic texts or a known canon, exploring questions of gender or sexuality in a disciplinary sub area, or pursuing primary or secondary data analysis for a study focused on questions of gender or sexuality. Although the course bears a sociology number, the independent work for SC341 can be completed under the supervision of any qualified and interested faculty member (see the webpage of participating G&SS faculty). While students will work out what is to be accomplished with the supervising faculty member, it is desirable that they present their independent work in some fashion at the Annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Colloquium held each spring. For the purposes of allocating courses in the minor this course will count based on the department of the faculty member overseeing the work. See the Gender and Sexuality Studies Director to secure the appropriate independent studies form and electronic permission to enroll. Students may enroll in the course during fall or spring terms.

Gender and Sexuality Studies Practicum (SC403)

In this 4-credit spring only course, students develop career-relevant skills through participation in a supervised work experience. Placements are in agencies/organizations that explicitly address issues of gender and/or sexuality, and may be governmental, nonprofit, or political entities. Relevant issues are discussed in weekly seminars or in tutorial, dependent upon course enrollment. The course will be run by the instructor of SC401, Sociology Practicum and Seminar, and SC403 students will be expected to fulfill all required writing assignments and presentations, unless otherwise negotiated with the instructor. Students need to indicate their interest in SC403 to the Gender and Sexuality Studies Director early in the fall and locate an appropriate site before winter break. It is not possible to register for the course without a site lined up.