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Gender and Sexuality Studies

Upcoming Course Offerings

Fall 2020


DR*370D*01 Queer Theatre and Film

Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 03:05PM - 04:20PM, College Center, Room W115

Bianchini, Dr Natka

     HS*389D*01 Gender&Power in Modern Africa    Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 10:50AM - 12:05PM, Knott Hall, Room 309  Okoh, Dr Oghenetoja    
     HS*389D*02 Gender&Power in Modern Africa    Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 12:15PM - 01:30PM, Maryland Hall, Room 241 Okoh, Dr Oghenetoja     

SC*210*01 Intro Gender&Sexualty Studies

Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 03:05PM - 04:20PM, College Center, Room W012

Rich, Dr. Aexandrea



PY*418*02 Res Sem: Sex & Sexuality


Research Monday 04:30PM - 07:00PM, Sellinger Hall, Room 005

Carlucci, Dr Marianna



SC*361*01 Social Inequality

Lecture Monday, Wednesday 04:30PM - 05:45PM, Hopkins Court, Room 222

Turner, Dr. Christopher

    SC*349*01 Sp Tp in G&SS: Violence Against Black Bodies
    Seminar Tuesday, Thursday 01:40PM - 02:55PM, Maryland Hall, Room 344  Rich, Dr. Alexandrea    

SN*373*01 Literature&Identity Pol Peru

Lecture Monday, Wednesday 03:00PM - 04:15PM, Knott Hall, Room 309

Ward, Dr Thomas

WR*322*01 Gendered Rhetoric

Lecture Monday, Wednesday, Friday 01:00PM - 01:50PM, Maryland Hall, Room 341

Leary, Dr Andrea H

Note:  PY418 is a two term course.

Spring 2021 Capstone: ML309, Gender, Peace and Justice in East Asia

Synopsis: ML309 provides a survey on the gendered representations and experiences in East Asia (China, Japan, North Korea, and South Korea), as well as in other Asian regions and countries. Situating East Asian men and women in both regional and global contexts, this course investigates how gender in East Asia has been (re)constructed, (re)institutionalized, (re)appropriated, as well as (re)interpreted in different socio-historical discourses and/or under the global influence.

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