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Fall 2021

Course Number  Course Name Day and Time  Instructor
 EN337  Seminar in Eighteenth-Century Literature: Jane Austen's Economics: Sex Death and Power in the Georgian Era    Dr. Victoria Barnett-Woods
 PS352.01  Gender, Human Rights, and Conflict    Staff
 PY256D.01  Psychology of Gender    Dr. Marianna Carlucci
 PY353  Contemporary Issues in Psychology    Dr. Francis Golom
 SC210  Introduction to Gender Studies    Dr. Amanda Konradi
 WR386  Rhetorics of Resistance in Women's Writing    Dr. Lisa Zimmerelli

Spring 2022 Capstone: HS478, Global Histories of Sexuality

Can sex have a history? If so, what kind? This course takes a comparative and transnational perspective to the history of sexuality in pursuit of this question. It examines how societies from around the world and across time have regulated, constructed, and policed sexual behaviors and identities. The course asks how race, gender, class, and ability have inflected and shaped people's diverse sexualities and sexual experiences. In doing so, it showcases the ways that the history of sexuality reshapes our understanding of social, political, and cultural history more broadly. Topics vary by semester, but may include male homosexuality, lesbianism, (trans) gender identity and transsexuality, heterosexuality, sexual knowledge, regulation and policing, reproduction, sexual violence and crime, sex work and prostitution, queer and feminist politics, and health and medicine. (Written or electronic permission of the instructor.)

Spring 2022: TBA

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Spring 2023 Capstone:TBA

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