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Spring 2020


S2020 Gender and Sexuality Studies Courses


EN206 / PY270  Gender, Culture and Madness  TU & TH, 3:05 - 4:20.  Melissa Girard and Amy Wolfson  Knott Hall 004

A study of the foundational connections between literature and psychology, this course explores the relationship between creativity and mental illness. Throughout history and across cultures, the label of "madness" has often been applied to women and men whose gender identities, emotions, and behaviors fall outside social norms. Through case studies of American authors, many of whom were hospitalized for mental illness, the course examines how gender constructs and values continue to shape definitions of mental health and illness.The course fulfills both the EN 200-level and the second Social Science core requirement. For PY majors, it fulfills a Category VI requirement. Same course as EN206.

PY420 LGBTQ and Religious Issues TU 4:30 - 7:00.  Perrin Robinson Maryland Hall 440

Spring 2020 Capstone

Spring 2020: PL337, Philosophy and Feminism (taught by Dr. Mavis Biss)

Synopsis: Treats analyses of oppression, conceptions of agency and autonomy, and accounts of the relationship between politics and social reality developed from several feminist philosophical perspectives. Taken together, the course texts challenge students to approach issues in moral and political theory in light of an understanding of how power dynamics involving gender function across cultural-historical contexts.

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