Loyola University Maryland

Latin American and Latino Studies


Tania Cantrell Rosas-Moreno

Assistant Professor of Communication
DeChiaro College Center Room M014r

Professor Rosas-Moreno's field of expertise is international communication especially with regard to Brazil. She has conducted additional research on news reports of the Southeast Asia Tsunami, Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan, military massacres in El Salvador and Vietnam, and military print and photo coverage of Iraq. She is especially engaged with social justice issues such as feminism and education.

David Carey Jr.

Doehler Chair in History; Professor Associate Professor of History
HU 310

Professor Carey’s area of expertise is Latin America with special emphasis on Guatemala and especially with regards to the Kaqchikel Mayan people. He is also interested in gender issues.  

Bill Donovan

Associate Professor of History
Humanities Center 316

Professor Donovan studies the Atlantic-system established by Portugal during the sixteenth-century and fortified during the colonial era. He is also interested in the social role the military and guerrillas play in Latin America as well as the Jesuit presence in the Luso-Hispanic world.

Margarita Jácome

Associate Professor of Spanish
Maryland Hall 351j

Professor Jácome is interested in twentieth-century Colombia and how violence as expressed in the novel and in testimonio affects social structures in that country. She also conducts research on and teaches testimonial literature as well as the early twentieth-century avant-garde movement in Hispanic America. 

Yolopattli Hernández-Torres

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Maryland Hall 456

Professor Hernández-Torres is primary a colonialist, concerned with Spanish America during the colonial period. She is also interested in nineteenth-century Spanish American literature, Spanish medieval and early modern studies, visual studies, cultural studies, and studies of race.

Marie Murphy

Associate Professor of Spanish
Maryland Hall 462

Professor Murphy’s teaching interests include the contemporary novel in Latin America and especially the Boom authors of the sixties and seventies as well as works authored by women.

Michael Unger

Associate Professor of International Business, Executive in Residence
Sellinger Hall 413

Professor Unger specializes in Business in the Latin American arena as well in the global context including Africa and especially in regional trading blocks, regional integration and emerging market financial systems. He leads International Business Study Tours to Chile, Argentina, and/or Brazil.

Thomas Ward

Professor of Spanish
Maryland Hall 351i

Professor Ward is concerned with understanding social alterity in Latin America (Peru, Argentina, and Mexico) as governed by ethnicity, culture, gender, class, as articulated in traditional and non-traditional prose forms.