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Major in Mathematics

After the traditional grounding in Calculus and Statistics in the first year, the Sophomore year exposes students to a broad variety of courses in various other branches of mathematics. This allows students, in consultation with their faculty advisor, to make an informed choice of concentration at the end of their second year. The choice of concentration determines what sequence of courses the student pursues in junior and senior year.

Information about AP Credit.

First Year

Fall Spring
MA 251 - Calculus I MA 252 - Calculus II
CS 151 - Computer Science through Programming ST 210 - Statistics

Note: While CS 212 is not a requirement, there are many careers for mathematical science majors which require a knowledge of computer programming. We strongly recommend that you take CS 212 either in the spring of freshman year or your sophomore year unless you are absolutely convinced that you are not interested in any jobs which involve computer programming.

Second Year

Fall Spring
MA 351 - Calculus III MA 301- Introduction to Linear Algebra
MA 395 - Discrete Methods MA 302 - Programming in Mathematics
  MA 304 - Differential Equations

Third and Fourth Year

At this point a student could narrow their focus by choosing one of the concentrations. Seven 400-level courses chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor. Selections depend on the student's mathematical interests and career goals. Some students may wish to develop programs with a specific focus by choosing one of the four concentrations. Each concentration has an advisor responsible for counseling students, approving course choices, and monitoring progress. If you are interested in making some modifications to one of the concentrations, see the coordinator for that particular concentration. The coordinators are listed here.