Loyola University Maryland

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Minor in Statistics

The department offers a minor in statistics. The focus of the minor can take many directions depending on the MA/ST courses taken. Students should discuss their academic and career interests with a department faculty member. Requirements for a minor are ST365 and a minimum of six, three- or four-credit MA/ST courses including:

  • MA 251, 252
  • ST 365 (1 credit), ST 465 (offered fall odd-numbered years)
  • Remaining courses from ST 210 or 265 or ST 381, MA 301, ST 461, ST 462, ST 466,
    ST 471, ST 472, MA 481, MA/ST 485, ST 491. Those graduating with a degree in the Social Sciences or Humanities may also count ST 110.


Chiara's Loyola experience is comprised of coding, mathematics, singing, music, and helping first-year students transition to college

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