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Sudeshna Basu, Ph.D.

Assistant Teaching Professor
Sudeshna Basu


M.Sc. University of Calcutta, India
Ph.D. Indian Statistical Institute, India

Spring 24 Courses

Applied Calculus
Discrete Methods

Research Interests

  • Geometry of Banach Spaces
  • Convexity theory of Banach Spaces
  • Operator Theory
  • P-adic Functional Analysis


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  • S. Basu S. Seal, “Small Combination of Slices, Dentability and Stability Results Of Small Diameter Properties In Banach Spaces”, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Volume (507),, 2022.
  • S. Basu, S. Som, L. K. Dey,“Farthest Point Problem and Partial Statistical Continuity in Normed Linear Spaces”, Quaestiones Mathematicae , Volume (44), No.4,, 2021.
  • S. Basu S. Seal, “Two aspects of small diameter properties”, To appear in The proceedings of IWOTA 2022,Operator Theory: Advances and Appliations, 2023.
  • J. B. Guerrero, S. Basu, S. Seal and J. M. V. Yeguas, “Non-rough norms in operator spaces”, (To appear in Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics ), 2023.
  • S. Basu, “On Ball dentable property in Banach Spaces” Mathematical Analysis and its Applications in Modeling (ICMAAM 2018, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics, Volume (302), pages 144–149,, 2020.
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  • S. Basu, “On Span of Small Combination of Slices Point in Banach Spaces” Contemp. Math, AMS, Volume (687), pages 45–53, 2017.
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  • S. Basu , L. K . Dey S. Seal, S. Som, “Farthest Point Problem for I-M Compact Sets”, arXiv:2008.08491 [math.FA], (In preparation), 2021.

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