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Hauber Summer Research

Loyola University Maryland sponsors the Hauber Summer Research  program in the sciences.  Below are the names of the students along with their faculty mentors and the title of their project.

Year Student Faculty Mentor Project Title
2021 Jonathan Brooks Richard Auer Modeling Winner Percentages in the Four Major American Sports using R
2020 Kyle LeBlanc Michael Knapp Patterns in Weakly Complete Sequences
2019 Haley Finley Richard Auer Logisitic Regression and Estimating Team Strength Coefficients for Major League Baseball
2018 James White Timothy Clark Alternative Dice Labels
2017 John Fluck Richard Auer Winning in the National Football League: Using Statistical Models to Find the Best Predictors
2017 Collin Habig Michael Knapp Variations of the Chopsticks Finger Game
2015 Zachary Pisano Christopher Morrell A Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Bullet Velocity
2014 Margaret Dawson Richard Auer Results of a Multivariate Analysis of a Movie Theme Survey.
2014 Sarah Miller Richard Auer & Elizabeth Dahl The Impact of Using an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer on Student Perception and Learning in Chemistry.
2013 Jessica Jennings Michael Knapp Determining values of the function Γ(d)
2013 Julianne Smith Christopher Morrell What is in a Name? Comparing Names Across Cultures
2012 Claire Reynolds Richard Auer Logistical Regression-Based Simulation of Major League Baseball Seasons
2012 Kevin Seltzer Andrea Erdas The Finite Temperature Casimir Effect for a Massless Scalar Field in a Magnetic Field
2011 Jennifer Ellis Richard Auer Properties of Logistic Regression Estimates of Sports Team Strengths
2010 Alyson Fox Richard Auer Logistic Modeling of Win Probabilities in Baseball
2009 Alyson Fox Michael Knapp The study of patterns in weakly complete sequences
2008 Michael Paul Michael Knapp Investigating patterns in the formation of weakly complete number sequences
2006 Abigail Bullock Richard Auer The Distribution and Simulation of Baseball Winning Percentages.
2006 David Hepburn Dipa Choudhury Relationship: The Hadamard and Standard Products
2005 Carrie Gill Ed Colbert  
2004 Taylor Graff Richard Auer Which Major League Sport Packs the Most Information (In Relation to Salary) into its Statistics?
2003 Joseph DeCampo Christopher Morrell Multiple Hypothesis Testing in Analyzing Gene Expression Data
2003 Kristin Harp Christopher Morrell Analyzing Microarray Data Using Variance Averaging and Hierarchical Bayesian Models
2003 Lerin Tagge Christos Xenophontos Solving Laplacian problems with boundary singularities:a singular function boundary integral
2002 Naomi Grabus George Mackiw A (21, 12) Burst-Error Correcting Code
2002 Hilary DeRemigio Dipa Choudhury Discrete Dynamical System: Linear Algebra and Markov Chains
2001 Aileen Cuddy George Mackiw Error Correcting Codes that are Extensions of the ISBN Code
2000 Taras Smetaniouk Lester Coyle  
2000 Robert Tamburello Lester Coyle Pricing American "Options" Using Monte Carlo Simulation
1999 Ronald Zaleski Lester Coyle & Christopher Morrell  
1998 Kathy Brolly Lester Coyle & Christopher Morrell Measuring the Risks in Stocks
1998 Erin Warfield Lester Coyle An Improvement on the Pricing of American Stock Options
1994 Jennifer Guarino Christopher Morrell Predicting Success at a Catholic Undergraduate College
1994 Michael Monius John Hennessey A Four Compartment Model Describing Addictive Potential of Drugs
1993 Christopher Wagner Richard McCoart  
1992 Scott Shannon Christopher Morrell  
1992 Don Moss William Reddy  
1991 Laura Cramer Richard Auer A Multivariate Analysis of Media Spending
1991 Wanda Skiba Anne Young  
1989 Christopher Miller Christopher Morrell  
1988 Paul Maiste Richard Auer An Analysis of a College Mathematics Placement Test