Loyola University Maryland

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Pi Mu Epsilon Initiation and Mathematics and Statistics Awards Ceremony 2013

April 17, 2013

The program for the event along with some pictures is presented below.

Welcome: Brianne A. Wong ’13, President of Maryland Epsilon Chapter, Pi Mu Epsilon

 Brianne Wong

Keynote Speaker: Lara Kopf ’05, Loyola College; Masters in Systems Engineering ’10, Johns Hopkins University: “Faith and Living Work” 

 Lara - speaker at pme 2013

Department Awards:


Freshman, Patrick C. Dorr and Zachary M. Pisano
Sophomore, Allison M. Rose
Junior, Kevin P. Seltzer
Senior, Brianne A. Wong

Mathematics and Statistics Minor Award

Helen O. Gabregiorgish ’13   
Matthew J. Marzicola ’13    


Heather M. Kreiner ’13, Tutoring Coordinator and Outstanding Service to the Department

Acknowledgment: Tutors and Graders

Michael D. Jackson ’14, Jessica A. Jennings ’14, Cameron P. Kopp ’14, Heather M. Kreiner ’13, Kelly E. Maluccio ’13, Claire M. Reynolds ’14 (abroad) and Matthew R. Scutaro ’14
A sincere thank you to all of these students who have supported other students and the faculty.

Pi Mu Epsilon, Maryland Epsilon Initiation

New Inductees

Alec D. Danz ’14, Kathleen S. Hanger ’14, Kelly E. Maluccio ’13, Kevin P. Seltzer ’14, and Alyssa M. Sutherland ’13
Studying Abroad: Emily J. Kobyra ’14 and Andrea M. Pesce ’14

Pi Mu Epsilon students inducted as juniors

Megan A. Farley, Brianne A. Wong, Alexa E. Yakely

All Pi Mu Epsilon Student Members with Dean Miracky and Vice President Snyder

Tim, Jim, and pme 3013 

Rachel Martin


Rachel's experience here has strengthened her love of STEM and led to meaningful relationships with professors and fellow students

Mathematics, Economics