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Pi Mu Epsilon Initiation and Mathematics and Statistics Awards Ceremony 2024

April 21, 2024


Moira A. McKinley '24
President of Maryland Epsilon Chapter, Pi Mu Epsilon


Dr. W. Ethan Duckworth, Chair
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Zachary Pisano '16 
"Loyola + ε: Compound Symmetric Gaussian Models"
Lecturer, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Zachary Pisano lecture

Achievement Award

Senior - Mathematics Major Carly P. Washcalus '24
Senior - Statistics Major Moira A. McKinley '24
Junior - Mathematics Major Emma S. Heiser '25
Junior - Statistics Major Zach M. Eisenmann '25
Sophomore - Mathematics Major Oscar Roat '26
Sophomore - Statistics Major Thomas D. Bretthauer '26

Acknowledgment: Tutors and Graders

Grace K. Fischer, Emma S. Heiser, Tatiyanana D. Hicks, Abby L. Holthaus, Niamh E. Lane, Amber M. Malinowski, Hannah E. McCardell, Nick C. Paolini, Jefferson Rice, Mari A. Sisco

A sincere thank you to these students!

Pi Mu Epsilon, Maryland Epsilon Initiation

New Inductees

  • Joe P. Mead '24
  • Carly P. Washcalus '24
  • Jenna M. Borowy '25
  • Nick H. DiMaggio '25
  • Zach M. Eisenmann '25
  • Emma S. Heiser '25
  • Amber M. Malinowski '25
  • Angel S. Scott '25
  • Patrick J. Turek '25
  • Oscar Roat '26
    Faculty Inductees
  • Mr. Anson Xuan
  • Dr. Sudeshna Basu

Students inducted to Pi Mu Epsilon in 2022 yet to graduate:

  • Matthew Cardano '24
  • Collin Katz '24
  • Moira McKinley '24

group photo PME 2024 inductees