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Requirements for the minor (19 credits) consist of six electives and a one-credit, interdisciplinary independent study “Medieval Studies Capstone” (ML 400). ML 400 must be completed in connection with one of the six courses taken for the minor, although ML400 does not need to be taken concurrently with the other course. Students pursuing honors degrees in departments with honors programs may substitute their honors project for the final course and independent study (18 credits). The following restrictions apply:

  • courses must be taken in a minimum of three subject areas (e.g., AH, EN, FR, HS, TH);
  • a minimum of two courses should be taken at the 300- or 400-level.

Students are encouraged to study and perfect their knowledge of Latin, especially if they are planning on going to graduate school in the field.

There is no limit on cross-counting courses for other minors or majors.

Students interested in minoring should contact the Medieval Studies program coordinator early in their career.


  • AH 310 Church and Empire: Early Medieval Art, c. 250-1050
  • AH 312 Renaissance Art in Italy
  • AH 313 Renaissance Art in Northern Europe
  • AH 325 Gothic Art and Architecture
  • AH 326 Crusades in Medieval Visual Culture
  • AH 327 Islamic Art
  • CL 324 The Persecution of the Christians in the Roman World
  • EN 300 English Literary History before 1800
  • EN 301 Chaucer
  • EN 302 Medieval Love
  • EN 304 Arthur and Other Heroes
  • EN 306 Topics in Medieval Literature
  • EN 307 Seminar in Medieval Literature 
  • FR 350 Sex and Violence/Sin and Repentance: Medieval French Literature for Modern Readers
  • FR 351 French Renaissance Women Writers
  • FR 370 Special Topics in Medieval Literature
  • FR 371 Love's Fatal Triangle: Courtly Love and the Development of Arthurian Literature in Medieval French Literature
  • GR 301 German Culture and Civilization I
  • GR 305 Dungeons, Dragons, and Damsels in Distress
  • HN 202 Honors: The Human Drama: The Medieval World (Open only to Honors Students) [formerly HN 240]
  • HS 217 The Bright Ages: An Introduction to the Middle Ages
  • HS 225/304 Reformation Europe
  • HS 303 The Early Middle Ages
  • HS 305 The Later Middle Ages
  • HS 320 Black Plague in Global Perspective
  • HS 335 History of the Crusades
  • HS 393 Introduction to Islamic History
  • HS 413 Medieval Military History
  • HS 419 The Medieval Bodies
  • HS 477 Seminar: Legends in Medieval History
  • IT 301 Italian Literature and Civilization I: Origins to Reformation
  • IT 333 Survey of Renaissance Italian Literature 
  • IT 351 Italian Women Writers of the Renaissance
  • IT 352 Dante's Divina Commedia 
  • LT 104 Latin Golden Age Prose and Poetry
  • LT 308 Vergil: Aeneid
  • LT 350 Readings in Medieval Latin
  • LT 380 Ovid
  • LT 386 Ovid's Metamorphoses
  • ML 250 Introduction to Medieval Literature (Varies)
  • ML 251 Introduction to Medieval Literature (Italian)
  • ML 305 Dungeons, Dragons, Damsels in Distress
  • ML 322 Dante's Divine Comedy (in English translation; cross listed with IT 352)
  • ML 324 Representations of Women in Premodern Chinese Literature
  • ML 332 Dante's Divine Comedy (in translation)
  • ML 333 Witches, Giants and Tyrants, Oh My! (Introduction to Italian Renaissance Literature; cross listed with IT 333)
  • ML 371 Love's Fatal Triangle: Courtly Love and the Development of Arthurian Literature in Medieval French Literature
  • ML 400 (1 credit) Medieval Studies Capstone Project
  • PL 345 Arabic Philosophy
  • PL 365 Metaphysics I: Ancient and Medieval
  • PL 369 Intro to Aquinas
  • PL 370 Medieval Philosophy
  • SN 327 History of the Spanish Language
  • SN 352 The Golden Age
  • TH 204 History and Theology of the Papacy (Rome)
  • TH 205 Christina Rome: Understanding Jesus Christ in Rome (Rome)
  • TH 207 Saints and Sinners in the Eternal City
  • TH 335 St. Augustine
  • TH 338 The Theology of Thomas Aquinas
  • TH 341 Medieval Women Authors
  • TH 365 Theology and Art
  • TH 370 Thomas Aquinas                         

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