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Peace and Justice Program

The mission of the Office of Peace and Justice is to explore the causes and consequences of violent conflict as well as the conditions that promote conflict resolution, peace, and justice. It does so from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including political, sociological, theological, philosophical, and literary. The Office oversees an interdisciplinary minor in Peace and Justice Studies, an annual speaker series, faculty workshops, and course development grants, among other activities.

The promotion of peace and justice lies at the heart of Loyola University Maryland’s Jesuit, Catholic mission to inspire students to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world.  The Office’s programming advances several of Loyola’s learning aims, including the “commitment to promote justice for all, based on a respect for the dignity and sanctity of human life,” “a willingness to act as an agent for positive change, informed by a sense of responsibility to the larger community,” “a commitment to put faith into action,” and the ability to respond to the “great moral issues of our time,” including “poverty, racism, genocide, war and peace.” 

The work of the Office is led by the program director, Dr. Heidi Shaker and the Peace and Justice steering committee. Development for Loyola's program in Peace and Justice Studies was supported in large part by a generous gift from Mary Catherine Bunting.

Spring 2024 Electives

  • CH*114D.01 Global Environment
  • CL*232.01 / TH*232.01 Food, Hunger, and the Bible
  • EC*360.01 Environmental Economics
  • FR*335.01 The Algerian War (1954-1962)
  • HS*492.01 Seminar: Minority Identity Citizenship in the Modern World
  • PL*210.01T / PL*210.02T / PL*210.03 / PL*210.04 Politics & Society
  • PL*305D.01 Ethics & Politics: Humanitarian Intervention
  • PL*306.01 Ethics of Race and Gender
  • PS*423.01 Genocide, Trauma, and Memory: Atrocities in the 21st Century
  • SC*100D.04 / SC*100D.05 Introduction to Sociology
  • SC*441.01 Seminar: Construction & Reconstruction in a Divided Society
  • TH*307.01 Liberal Theology: Roots, Branches, Critiques
  • WR*200.01 Intro to Creative Nonfiction
  • WR*354.01 Writing about the Environment

Fall 2023 Electives

  • CL350.01 Prophets and Peacemakers
  • EN376.01 Postcolonial Literature
  • FR332.01 Trauma and Testimony
  • PL210.01, PL 210.02 Politics and Society
  • PL315.01 Ethics after Auschwitz
  • SC203D.01, SC 203D.02 Globalization and Society
  • SC377.01 Social Movements & Social Protest
  • TH310.01 The Ethics of War and Peace
  • TH350.01 Prophets and Peacemakers
  • WR200.01, WR 200.02 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction
  • WR323D.01 Writing Center Practice & Theory
  • WR327.01 Civic Literacy
  • WR354.01 Writing about the Environment

Spring 2023 Electives

  • AH 305.01 African American Art and Race and Racism in the American Imagination
  • CL307.01, HS228.01 Peace and War in Ancient Rome
  • EN373D.01 African American Literature                
  • PL210 Philosophical Perspectives : Politics and Society
  • PL228D.01 Philosophical Perspectives: Philosophy and Genocide
  • PL305D.01 Ethics and Politics of Humanitarian Intervention
  • PL306 Ethics of Race and Gender
  • PL342.01 Philosophy of Human Rights
  • SC373.01 Sociology of Human Rights
  • SC430.01 Seminar: Gender and Justice
  • TH232.01 Food, Hunger, and the Bible
  • WR200.01 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction
  • WR385.01 Special Topics: Poetics of Social Justice
  • WR323D.01 Writing Center Practice and Theory

Fall 2022 Electives

  • CH 114.1 Global Environment
  • HS372D Vietnam War Film & Literature
  • HS383 Violence & Holiness in 20th Century El Salvador
  • HS441D Gender & Power in Modern Africa
  • PL210 Philosophical Perspectives: Politics & Society
  • PL228D Philosophical Perspectives: Philosophy & Genocide
  • PL315 Ethics After Auschwitz
  • PS310 Protest & Mobilization in Authoritarian Regimes
  • SC376 Israel-Palestine: Conflict Narratives, Media Framing, & Peacebuilding
  • SN308 Violence & Culture: Colombia in the 20th Century
  • TH310 Ethics of War & Peace
  • WR323D Writing Center Practice and Theory
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Heidi Shaker
Associate Professor of French
Director, Office of Peace and Justice
Maryland Hall 351-I