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Learning Aims

Through the interdisciplinary minor in Peace and Justice Studies, as well as our other programming and funding opportunities, the Office of Peace and Justice seeks to enable Loyola students to achieve the following aims:

  • Understand the causes and consequences of violence, the systematic sources of injustice, and the inter-relationship of justice and peace
  • Analyze concrete cases of conflict from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including political, sociological, theological, philosophical, and literary
  • Identify and analyze mechanisms for resolving violent conflict as well as norms, practices, and institutions for building and sustaining peace
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a number of conflict resolution, peace-building, and/or justice advocacy skills and apply these in interpersonal, institutional, societal, and global contexts
  • Make meaningful connections across courses and develop a coherent framework for thinking about peace and justice issues
  • Communicate proficiency in these aims in oral and written form

Contact Us

Heidi Shaker
Associate Professor of French
Director, Office of Peace and Justice
Maryland Hall 351-I