Loyola University Maryland

Peace and Justice

Propose a New Elective

If you teach a course that you think would make a good fit in the minor in Peace and Justice Studies, consider submitting the course for approval as an official elective. The process is as follows:

  1. Review the Peace and Justice learning aims.
  2. Write a brief narrative outlining the course’s fit in the minor, including a course description, when the course will be taught, and how it advances at least 1-2 of the learning aims (please be specific, and mention any relevant texts, case studies, assignments, etc).
  3. Submit the narrative to the minor director, Dr. Heidi Shaker.

A syllabus is not required, but can be included if already developed. Courses are reviewed on a monthly basis by the Peace and Justice Steering Committee.   

If you have a course that you think would make a good fit for the minor, but needs more substantial development, consider applying for one of our course development grants.