Loyola University Maryland

Philosophy Department

Learning Aims

Students majoring in philosophy will demonstrate mastery in the following areas:

  • Students will have an understanding of the nature of philosophy as an activity and as a discipline, and will be able to articulate its characteristic forms of reasoning, key themes from its history, and key features of its relation to other disciplines.
  • Students will practice close, careful reading and interpretation of primary philosophical texts, and be able to demonstrate knowledge of their content.
  • Students will use speech and writing effectively, logically, gracefully, persuasively and responsibly.
  • Students will develop philosophical arguments of their own, including the coherent support of conclusions with premises, and formulate and respond to reasoned objections.
  • Students will demonstrate freedom from narrow, solipsistic thinking.
Jonathan Prozzi

Jonathan Prozzi

His experience at Loyola helped Jonathan realize his passion for teaching technology, which led him to a fulfilling career

Philosophy, History