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Philosophy Department


The Philosophy minor consists of seven courses. The requirements are as follows:

1. Foundations of Philosophy (PL 201).

2. Six upper-level PL courses, only one of which may be a Philosophical Perspectives Course (PL 202-299) and only one of which may be a departmental core offering in Ethics (PL 302-319).

The Honors equivalences are as follows:

· HN 201 & HN 202 are the equivalent of PL 201 Foundations of Philosophy

· HN 203 & HN 204 are the equivalent of PL 202 Project of Modernity

· HN 499 is the equivalent of PL 302 Ethics

For questions regarding the minor in Philosophy, please contact Dr. Fuat Gursozlu at fgursozlu@loyola.edu

Jonathan Prozzi

Jonathan Prozzi

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