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Theology and Philosophy Fall Welcome Back Open House

Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023

5:00 - 6:15 pm

The Humanities Courtyard

Past Events

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Philosophy Spring Lecture

Karen Hoffman

Reality and Representation: Philosophy and Documentary Film


4:30 - 6:00 pm

Knott Hall B03
 Philosophy Club  (Film as Philosophy)  11/17/22 Knott Hall 107 
Philosophy Club (Why do we need Art?) 11/03/22 7:30 - 9:00 pm Cohn Hall 133
Philosophy Club (What is Philosophy?) 10/20/22 7:30 - 9:00 pm Knott Hall 107
Fall Faculty Colloquium with Graham McAleer 10/19/22 3:00 pm College Center 113
Philosophy/Theology Open House - Welcome Back 


4:30-6:00 pm

 Humanities Courtyard
 "Quiet Sitting: Meditating with a Pure Land Buddhist Priest" On Tuesday, June 14, from 6:00 to 7:30pm in Fava Chapel (located in Hammerman House, up the hill from the library), Loyola University Maryland's The Heart of Zen Meditation Group will host Rev. Miki Nakamura, a Pure Land Buddhist Priest from, about whom a documentary film is in the final stages of production. Rev. Nakamura will introduce a simple and profound style of Japanese meditation called seiza, which means "quiet sitting." Anyone is welcome to join -- no experience necessary! Please RSVP to Dr. Bret Davis at bwdavis@loyola.edu. Please show up a few minutes before 6:00 on Tuesday, take your shoes off in the foyer before entering the chapel, and wear a mask during the event.  

Tuesday, 6/14/2022

6:00 to 7:30pm

 Fava Chapel

Spring Lecture

Patrick Connolly

"Isaac Newton on Substances"



4:30 pm

 Sellinger 008
 Phi Sigma Tau Induction Ceremony


4:30 pm

 Sellinger 008

 Philosophy Club

"On the Nature of Comedy"


7:30 pm

 Cohn Hall 133

Philosophy Club

"Are Humans the Biggest Threat to Humanity"


7:30 pm

Cohn Hall 133

Philosophy Club

"How Much of Our Reality is Constructed?"


7:30 pm

 Cohn Hall 133
Philosophy Club - Reality Through Technology


7:30 pm

 Cohn Hall 133
 Philosophy Club - Horror and Crime


7:00 pm

 Cohn Hall 133

Graham McAleer

Graham McAleer, Ph.D.

Known for his striped socks and Scottish accent, this professor has an undeniable gift for making students passionate about philosophy