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One of the best ways to see if Army ROTC is right for you is to learn how alumni have benefited from the experience. Our program was founded in 1952 and beginning with the first commissioning class of 1955 we have commissioned 1,269 Officers into the Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard.

Our alumni include multiple General Officers, Brigade Commanders, a former Commander of the United States Army Special Operations Command, the former Commanding General of United States Army Special Forces Command, the former Director of the Joint Staff for the Maryland National Guard, and the current Deputy G-3 for Northern Command. We have also produced one of the select few Army Astronauts. Recent alumni have commissioned into the Active Duty Army and begun their careers serving full-time, while many others have decided to serve part-time in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard in order to pursue civilian careers. There have been multiple Loyola alumni who have been selected to serve in prestigious and challenging positions, to include those within the 75th Ranger Regiment and Special Forces, commonly known as the Green Berets.

Please contact Loyola's department of Military Science for information on Battalion Alumni.

Alumni Contact update: if you want to remain in touch with the battalion please contact Mr. Mucci, 410-617-5179 or

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Mr. Joseph Mucci

We are located at the Early House and 300 Radnor


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