Loyola University Maryland

Army ROTC: Greyhound Battalion

New Students

Enrollment into ROTC is as easy as registering for a class– or to be exact, an elective. Loyola students can enroll directly through the Registrar’s Office and our partner school students (Towson University, Goucher College, and Notre Dame University of Maryland) simply need to fill out an enrollment form with our Recruiting Officer. Before enrolling into the course you will have to speak with the Scholarship and Enrollment Officer to determine your eligibility and placement.

There is no initial commitment or service obligation to the Army for enrolling in ROTC. We’re an elective course (3 credits per semester) to be taken along with your regular academic course work. 

Basic Eligibility

  • Registered for and attending full time (12 credits for undergrad, 9 credits for graduate) as a degree seeking student at Loyola, Towson, Goucher or Notre Dame
  • Student is not a conscientious objector
  • Student shows good moral character, no domestic violence conviction
  • Student has no tattoos specifically prohibited by Army policy
  • Student is a US Citizen (or will become a citizen prior to commission)
  • Student is physically able participate (DA Form 3425 signed by medical physician)