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Maru GroupThe update page is a place to see what is happening in the Dojo. If you have something you think could go here please give it to me. Suggestions are helpful and appreciated.

Class Hours


Tuesdays    9:00PM to 11:00PM  in the FAC, upstairs in group exercise room 207
Wednesdays 9:00PM to 11:00PM  in the FAC, upstairs in group exercise room 207
Saturdays   9:30PM to 12:00PM  in Hopkins Court Lounge       

Your Club President is Precious Uwaya, and your Vice President is Connor Kennedy. Contact them with any questions or concerns (puwaya@loyola.edu and cwkennedy@loyola.edu). Please give us your help, support, and cooperation.

Don't forget your dues ($60.00). Returning students, your class dues should be submitted now. Please see Connor and hold on to your receipt. New students, class dues are due by September of 2016. There is also a $20.00 AJA fee. See Hanshi Donna or Connor to pay your AJA dues.

What's Happening in the Dojo

DonnaThe Ju-Jitsu Club would like to announce the promotion of their instructor Donna Mathews. In March of 2012, she was awarded the title of Hanshi and promoted to the rank of Kudan, 9th degree black, by Dai-Nippon Seibukan Budo/Bugei-kai Main Hombu - Kyoto, Japan. Hanshi Mathews is now the only female in the United States to hold this title.

On the meaning of the term Hanshi: The highest teaching title of instructor in many organizations is “Hanshi.” "Han" means example, model or pattern. "Shi" means gentleman, samurai or warrior, or scholar.

As the title implies, the person is a perfect model, literally "model-person," a teacher of teachers. Awarding the title of Hanshi involves training in one's martial art for decades, as well as, obtaining a certain age and maturity. A hanshi also makes significant contributions to the martial arts that they represent, and the principles and concepts of their art pervade every aspect of their life.  We are proud to have her as our instructor, and look forward to another 25 years with the Ju-Jitsu Club.