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What is Self-Defense?

Self-defense: (Noun) defense of oneself, or of one's rights or good reputation etc., against attack.

—Oxford American Dictionary.

Practicing a martial art provides more tools for self-defense and a chance to practice them. Self-defense programs teach a range of self-defense options to choose from. Each person has the right to choose what is the best answer for each situation. Learn to fight back and protect yourself.

Self-defense is a totally defensive form of protection. In order to use it effectively, a person must be in physical contact with the attacker. The effectiveness of the techniques are based on momentum, height, and weight, in addition to the physical build of the attacker, and the circumstances of the attack.

Self-defense is realistic and has proven that hands-on techniques work. They include techniques that are based upon the science of automatic reflex reaction that are designed to produce maximum efficiency with minimum force. Many of these techniques are used by the police and military. Self-defense includes physical and non-physical resistance. They also include techniques that help build self-confidence, are easy to learn, and effective. It is not a martial arts class. All moves are designed to be used by people regardless of age, sex, and most physical disabilities.

The course taught by Maru Martial Arts is a specially designed program for men and women. It teaches self awareness, street awareness, liability, and the law, as well as, physical and non-physical resistance. One may learn about what the law says about excessive force. All techniques are practiced slowly at first, then performed on a fully padded attacker acting out the attack as it it were real. This course is not a Martial Arts course and all participants are asked to wear long pants.

Students are taught about what is and is not appropriate according to the law. Furthermore, the use of excessive force is shown and discussed. The techniques they learn should give them self confidence, positive self-image, and help them to realize that they do not have to be afraid, just because they are females.

Teen self-defense is also taught, based on the comprehension ability of the student, It is taught differently, such that the techniques that are taught are individualized to the age group and their life style.

In fact, with the variety of different types of people taking self-defense, all classes must be individualized.

The Maru Dojo offers several different programs geared towards self-defense. Specially designed programs can and have been designed to meet the needs of all individuals.

The Loyola Ju-Jitsu Club offers basic self-defense through its program. If you are interested in any other type of course contact Hanshi Donna Mathews at daltam666@gmail.com or at marumartialarts@gmail.com.