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Student Philanthropy Council

The Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) is a group of students committed to educating the campus community about the importance of philanthropy and how the generosity of others affects their experiences at Loyola.

SPC was founded by two dedicated students Maura Brookes, '11 and Haley Nehms, '11 in order to educate their peers about how their day to day life at Loyola has been impacted by the generosity of others and how although students may only be on campus for four years, they will always be forever tied to the Evergreen Campus. SPC collaborates with many groups across campus in order to open the conversation about giving back, has attended national conferences, and is always looking for new ways to spread its message.

Philanthropy: the act or acts of advocating for the prosperity of a worthy cause through contributions of time, talent or monetary gifts.

ForeverGreen Week


ForeverGreen Week is an annual weeklong celebration in April of philanthropy on campus. The Student Philanthropy Council gives out free treats on the quad and asks current students to write thank you postcards to current alumni donors. Our alumni love receiving the postcards and students play an important role in supporting the fundraising efforts of the University, which, in turn, enhances their experience!

"You know you go to Loyola when…" t-shirts: These coveted t-shirts introduced at ForeverGreen Day 2012 allow students to show off their unique Loyola pride. Each year’s design features a top ten list collected from student entries. Shirts are distributed during ForeverGreen Week, with all winning entries guaranteed a shirt!

Contact Us

Sarah Marty, '19, sjmarty@loyola.edu
Molly Newland, '19, manewland@loyola.edu