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Student Success: Loyola's commitment to cura personalis

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Every student at Loyola deserves a chance to succeed and graduate. We believe in supporting and strengthening every student on their educational journey. To make that possible, Loyola is working to put in place a structure that ensures that every student, of any means and background, has the support they need to succeed and graduate from Loyola. Your gift will help make that possible, making a difference for a student who will go on to have a lasting impact on our world.

Student Success Fund

Our diverse and changing worlds needs ethically minded, Jesuit educated, and civically engaged Loyola graduates. By supporting the Student Success Fund, you can ensure that every deserving Loyola student—no matter their circumstance—will have the opportunity to complete a world-class Jesuit education at Loyola.

In recent years, Loyola has recognized the urgent need to grow a fund that supplies grants directly to students so they can continue at Loyola and graduate. Students have shared a variety of financial and material needs with faculty, staff, and administrators. These needs vary from clothing items, money for laundry, printing to support academic work, money for transportation, money for diagnostic services (particularly around learning disabilities), academic supplies, and textbooks.

The Student Success Fund provides financial support to qualified undergraduate and graduate students pursuant to the University’s student retention and graduation efforts. The Fund is administered by Loyola’s dean of students, and awards are made to qualified, self-identified students by a committee of Loyola faculty and administrators that the dean of students oversees.

General Athletic Endowed Fund: The Joe Boylan Fund

Joe Boylan, who served as athletic director for Loyola for 19 years, will be remembered for his friendly, warm personality, his ability to connect with people, and the profound way he shaped and strengthened Loyola Greyhounds athletics.

Recognizing the need for programmatic endowment to support Loyola Athletics, Joe Boylan started a fund that Loyola wants to bring to fruition—and name in his honor. The Joe Boylan Fund will assist the assistant vice president and director of athletics with providing the best student-athlete experiences possible for the Loyola Greyhounds.

The immediate impacts of this fund will be seen through investments and enhancements in the areas of:

  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Mental Health & Sports Psychology
  • Professional Development

As a programmatic endowment, the contributions to the Joe Boylan Fund will be invested, alongside the University’s endowment, and generate resources in perpetuity to benefit these Loyola Athletics priorities and so much more into the future.

Joe shaped what our family-like athletic community has become and student-athletes for years will benefit from his legacy.

Quantitative Literacy Center

Loyola is beginning to plan the launch of a Quantitative Center that would provide tutoring services to all students in subjects related to the natural and applied sciences—from basic statistics and computer science to advanced programming and physics. The Center will provide a centralized space that provides coordinated resources to students to enhance quantitative literacy. The Center would offer a supportive space for pre-class testing, data collection and management, tutoring services, workshops, and other supports to help all students excel in their STEM classes.

Passing math courses is required for acceptance into STEM majors. A disproportionate number of students of color lack the pre-college classes that enable them to pass these classes. The Quantitative Center will help all Loyola students gain the skills and confidence needed to succeed in STEM.