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Committee on Catholic Social Thought



Throughout the academic year, the Committee for Catholic Social Thought hosts both a speaker series and a luncheon series in conjunction with academic departments and the Jesuit Residence. Below is the schedule for the current and upcoming semesters. An archive of the speaker series and the luncheon discussion series is also available.

Lunchtime Discussion Series

Spring 2018

After the Easter break we will have three luncheon discussions devoted to a text by John Paul dealing with a particular social issue:

Tuesday, April 10  On Work: Laborem Exercens; discussion led by Father John Conley, SJ

Wednesday April 18  On Women: Mulieris Dignitatem; discussion led by Dr. Sue Abromaitis

Thursday, April 26  On Art: Letter to Artists; discussion led by Dr. Brian Murray

The luncheons will begin around noon in College Center Conference Room 113.
Please encourage students who would benefit from this to attend.
You are most cordially welcome to a JP II spring.

Fall 2017

Dorothy Sayers’s Gaudy Night

A thriller for your autumn nights!  Psychologically and philosophically rich, crime novel Gaudy Night dates to 1935 and includes Sayers’s much loved characters, Harriet Vane and Lord Peter Wimsey.  Set in an Oxford College, the two sleuths try to forestall murder.

This semester Loyola’s Committee on Catholic Social Thought focuses on the Catholic novelist and Christian apologist, Dorothy Sayers.  For those interested in Dante, her translation of the Divine Comedy is beautifully crafted and read aloud puts other translations in the shade.

Our three varied lunchtime discussions are:

  • Monday, September 25th Brian Murray of Loyola’s Writing Department will situate Sayers inside England’s twentieth century literary scene.  Dr. Murray will kick off the discussion at noon in Room 114 College Center (right behind the Starbucks!).
  • Friday, October 27th Sue Abromaitas of Loyola’s English Department will pull out a few discussion points from Gaudy Night and guide our appreciation of the literary character of the novel. Dr. Abromaitas’s discussion begins at noon in Room 114 College Center.
  • Monday, November 13th Margaret Hughes of the Philosophy Department at College of Mount St. Vincent (New York) will highlight some of the philosophical and theological ideas structuring Gaudy Night.

Dr. Hughes’s discussion begins at noon in Room 114 College Center.

The Committee will get a copy of the novel to each participant.  

Lunch is served and all are welcome to join in the broad, open, and convivial discussions that are the hallmark of the luncheons sponsored by Loyola’s Committee on Catholic Social Thought.  

Catholic Social Thought Lectures Fall 2017

The following lectures are all in the Library Auditorium,  all lectures start at 5 pm.    

  • Monday, October 9: Professor Brendan Sammon, St. Joseph’s University, “Idols and Icons.”
  • Monday, October 16: 2nd Annual Andy Warhol Lecture will be delivered by Professor Molly Flynn, Assumption College.
  • Tuesday, November 7: Professor Sam Levine, Touro Law School, “Idolatry and Jewish Law.”
  • Monday, December 4: Professor Michael Hanby, John Paul II Institute, “Robots and Anthropology.” 


Should you have questions about the Lunchtime Discussions or Lectures please write to me at gmcaleer@loyola.edu .