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Throughout the academic year, the Committee for Catholic Social Thought hosts both a speaker series and a luncheon series in conjunction with academic departments and the Jesuit Residence. Below is the schedule for the current and upcoming semesters. An archive of the speaker series and the luncheon discussion series is also available.

Lunchtime Discussion Series Spring 2020

Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory

All sessions begin a little bit after noon and run till around 1.

Graham Greene, OM CH, is widely regarded as one of the last century’s best novelists. A convert to Catholicism, Greene had a colourful life: a member of MI6 – James Bond’s outfit – he also had novels turned into films.  We’ll read and discuss his classic novel, The Power and the Glory.  The setting is the persecution of priests by Leftists in Mexico, but the drama stems from the great themes of the bleakness of the world, human brittleness, and the burdens of longing and hope, secular and religious. 

Many of you will know the novel and know that it is a terrific, challenging, read. Copies will be supplied to those who wish one. Just let me know. 

Times and discussion leaders are:

Tuesday, February 25th, in Room 107 College Center (right behind the Starbucks!):

Brian Murray, Writing Department, speaking on Graham Greene’s biography and writing.

Tuesday, March 31st, in Room 107 College Center:

Catriona Hanley, Philosophy Department, speaking on the ethical drama of The Power and the Glory. 

Thursday, April 23rd, in Room 107 College Center:

Theresa Nguyen, Chemistry Department, speaking on the Catholic Social Thought aspects of The Power and the Glory.

Please feel free to bring lunch and enjoy the conversation. All are welcome to join in the broad, open, and convivial discussions that are the hallmark of the luncheons sponsored by Loyola’s Committee on Catholic Social Thought. 

Should you have questions, please write to me at  


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