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Committee on Catholic Social Thought


Co-Directors of Loyola's Committee on Catholic Social Thought

Graham McAleer Co-Director, Professor of Philosophy

Graham McAleer was born and raised in the north of England. He attended universities in England, Canada, Belgium, and the United States. He earned his doctorate at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.

Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University Maryland, he teaches and researches in the areas of ethics and Catholic Social Thought. He was named Loyola's Distinguished Teacher of the Year in 2014.

Currently promoting his latest book Tolkien: Philosopher of War, McAleer is also writing a book on business ethics and the fashion industry. 

His previous books are:

  • Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings: A Philosophy of War. This book is available on Amazon in Kindle format.
  • Ecstatic Morality and Sexual Politics (Fordham University Press in 2005). A book on Catholic sexual ethics, relying on natural law, and making use of the ideas of Aquinas, St. John Paul II, Scheler, and Aurel Kolnai.  
  • To Kill Another: Homicide and Natural Law (Transaction, 2010). A commentary on Aquinas's famous question on killing, Summa theologica, II-II, q.64, the book develops a natural law defense of Catholic principles respecting innocence and state power.
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo Co-Director, Professor of Theology
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Theresa Nguyen Co-Director, Associate Professor of Chemistry