Loyola University Maryland

Center for Equity, Leadership, and Social Justice in Education

About Us

Graphic showing a three-part closed loop of Research, Partnerships, and Practice constantly influencing each otherThe Center for Equity, Leadership, and Social Justice Education at Loyola University Maryland’s School of Education will bring faculty, students, and Loyola alumni funding assistance for engaged research through grants and administrative/research assistance, provide a collaborative platform and space to the community, an opportunity for attracting larger funding sources, and offer exposure and promotion of impactful work in the area of equity, leadership, and social justice education. The Center will use the research-practice-partnerships (RPPs) paradigm in its work. RPPs are defined as long term, mutually beneficial collaborations that promote the production and use of rigorous research about problems of practice (Coburn, Pernuel, and Geil, 2012). This approach will help build trust and foster mutually beneficial relationships that lead to long-term commitments and jointly developed research agendas in the community.


The Center collaborates with educators, community members, students, and allies through a forum of professional learning, research, engaged scholarship, political action, and community involvement to amplify our collective voices, advocate for multiracial and multicultural human rights, and advance justice in education.


The Center will serve as a leading educational equity resource for state leaders, teachers, students, and allies who wish to advance practices and policies in their school communities that advance human rights.

Core Values

Equity, Diversity, Anti-Racist, Participatory, and Collaborative