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Center for the Humanities

As a Jesuit, Catholic institution, Loyola University Maryland has long emphasized a centuries-old tradition of education steeped in the humanities. Yet that tradition must continually be reclaimed and renewed. The Center for the Humanities continues to seek ways to enhance and enrich its contributions to the University through a wide range of programs open to faculty and undergraduate students, some of which are ongoing, others which represent one-time grants. Because the success of the Center depends not only on departments in the Humanities, the Center encourages persons and departments throughout the University to develop and submit proposals to the steering committee that advance humanities education at Loyola. 

Students Share their Experiences

Undergraduate Summer Research Grant recipients share their experiences immersing themselves in the humanities at home and abroad, attending archeological excavations in Portugal and Romania, studying German in Berlin, transcribing 13th century theological manuscripts in Rome, among many others.

Rebeccah Swerdlow didn't stop when her summer research was done. She kept working on her research and it is now to be published in the Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies. She describes the followup to her summer and how she ended up getting her work published in a peer reviewed journal!

Celebrate the Humanities: Past Student Presentations

Learn more about their summer experiences: