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Wendy BolgerWendy Bolger, MBA, became Director of Loyola’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in July 2018. Her career has spanned public and private sectors, including experiences as an entrepreneur starting her own firm, managing technology product development, and launching new initiatives and teams for nonprofit organizations.

The enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship at Loyola is tremendously energizing for her, and promising for the University’s future. Through the Center, she looks forward to bringing Loyola values and leadership to the community, in support of job creation and wealth creation in Baltimore. As a board member, she chairs the strategic planning committee of Prosperity Catalyst, an international organization supporting women entrepreneurs.

To make an appointment for student office hours with Wendy, visit our scheduling page.

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Entrepreneur in Residence

Bill Romani

Bill Romani became Entrepreneur in Residence of Loyola’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in November 2018 and will manage the innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum at Loyola. Dr. Romani brings years of experience as a nonprofit executive and university professor who has helped start and develop companies and nonprofit organizations that have a clear focus on social justice. With his background as a social entrepreneur in multiple fields and as an academic, Dr. Romani will bring an important perspective to the Loyola community and help enhance conversations that will grow the footprint and impact of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. 

To make an appointment for student office hours with Bill, visit our scheduling page.

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Startup Executive in Residence

mustafa wahid

Mustafa Wahid, '15, is now available to advise students and community members, and help them work through their questions and issues with their ventures (social and for-profit).

Student feedback on recent meetings with Mustafa:

  • "I really cannot thank him enough for providing the overall feeling of clarity as I prepare for my job interview."
  • "He has given me tremendous support, guidance, and insights."

Fall office hours will be posted soon, so be sure to check back for dates and times. For more information, email innovation@loyola.edu, or call 410-617-5235.

Mustafa received his Bachelors of Science in Biology and Psychology with a minor in Philosophy from Loyola University Maryland, where his activities included Green and Grey, Student Government Association, Ju-Jitsu Club, and Muslim Student Association. He was an Entrepreneurship Fellow at the University of Baltimore MBA program, where he was the first MBA student to be accepted into a pilot program. He is currently CEO of TransitioningU, whose mission is to change a billion college student lives within a decade. On a good day Mustafa can speak five different languages (Bengali, English, Hindi, Spanish, Urdu).

Program Assistant


Office Hours

Are you interested in meeting with Director Wendy Bolger or Entrepreneur in Residence Bill Romani to review your project and learn how to get involved with the Center? Visit our scheduling page to view the calendar and pick a date. If you can't find a time that works with your schedule, email innovation@loyola.edu to discuss options.

Student Teams

Student Steering Committee 2018-19

Quinn Cosgrave

Quinn Cosgrave '20

"Innovation to me means changing how we do and create for the sake of advancing how we live and work."

Will Gallagher

William Gallagher '19

"Innovation is enhancing efficiency, productivity, and all aspects of living through creative means."

Bryant Jaramillo Headshot

Bryant Jaramillo '20

"Innovation is finding solutions to the world's problems."

Oliver Kish

Oliver Kish '20

"Innovation means constantly pushing the bounds of what is established and known. Encountering challenge and opposition means you are on the right track."

Hayden Loiseau

Hayden Loiseau '22

"Innovation is finding new ways of improving the lives of everyone around us."

Emily Manzo Headshot

Emily Manzo '21

"Innovation to me means improving upon what's already in place in society in a way that benefits more people and promotes equality and justice."

Eric Muchisky

Eric Muchisky '19

"Innovation means empowering people to do great things by breaking the status quo or trying unconventional ways of learning, thinking, and doing."

Stephon Smith

Stephon Smith '19

"When solving a problem through innovation, it is done right when financial, environmental, and social concerns are equally integrated into the solution."

Social Impact Fellows 2019

Andrea Ramirez Centeno '21
Andrya Robinson ‘21
Brendan O’Connell ‘21
Christina Kingsley ‘19
Colin Ward ‘21
Jarek Azim ‘22
Katie Quigley ‘22
Kelsey Wyatt ‘19
Ryan Brooks ‘22
Shane McHugh ‘22
Sydnie Edwards ’22
Trevor Tormann ‘22

See their bios on the Mission Partners website. Or, learn more about the Social Impact Fellows program.

University Innovation Fellows 2018

Alex Santarelli, ’21, Computer Science
Emily Cebulski, ’21, Math/Finance
Christopher Carangelo, ’20, Engineering
Grant Versfeld, ’21, Computer Science (Pre-law track)

Learn more about University Innovation Fellows.

Bill smiles in portrait photo in front of Alumni Chapel.
Faculty Expert

Combining service and entrepreneurship

Bill Romani, Ph.D., entrepreneur in residence, hopes to expand innovation and entrepreneurship at Loyola through academic programs.