Loyola University Maryland

The Center for Closely Held Firms

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The Center for Closely Held Firms helps closely held and family business survive and prosper. The Center offers members access to an extensive network of business contacts, including experts in finance, law, accounting, marketing and insurance. As the area’s only university-based center for closely held firms, it is also able to pool resources from the private, professional, and academic areas to give companies assistance from a variety of perspectives.

What is a Closely Held Firm?

The term closely held firm is all encompassing, meaning a business that has a limited number of owners and is not publicly traded. Family businesses fit into this category, along with other businesses controlled by a small number of people who may or may not be related. A family-owned firm is one that has been started by and is expected to be passed on to succeeding generations of the family.

The Center's Activities

  • Presenting seminars featuring leading experts on successfully managing closely held firms. These seminars provide a forum for the dissemination of ideas and the exchange of information.
  • Establishing special interest groups among the members, which meet periodically to explore, discuss and share ideas on problems of mutual concern.
  • Offering access to the expertise of specialists in accounting, law, employee relations, industrial psychology, strategic planning, insurance, marketing, finance and more.
  • Providing members with opportunities to reach out and broaden their professional and social horizons in the comfort of a familiar environment, with a built-in community of peers to be counted upon for support and continuing dialogue.