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Garcia - Literacy

First-grader Garcia just couldn't seem to make progress in his reading skills, despite his mother's dedicated efforts to help him. She had his hearing evaluated twice, and spent many sleepless nights wondering why he continued to have so much trouble. His classroom teacher, a master's student in Loyola's literacy specialists program, encouraged him to enroll in the Literacy Clinic.

Two photos of Garcia at the Clinical Centers working on his reading skills

During the course of Garcia's involvement in the Literacy Clinic, he was also evaluated for speech-language delays. His mother learned that he had an auditory processing disorder, as well as a delay in expressive and receptive language, all of which contributed to his reading difficulties. As Garcia continued with the Literacy Clinic, his teacher began to recommend types of books his mother could share with him and provided instructions on creating flashcards to use in developing his skills at home.

"I had noticed Garcia had trouble following instructions," said his mother, Tyean. "This provided an explanation. Since last fall his basic skills have improved 300 percent. I thought when we started the literacy program we were getting help in one area, but it's been so much more than that. There's been a huge improvement in his confidence level. Before, there were so many homework assignments he wouldn't even attempt without my help. Now, he picks up the pencil himself and tells me, 'It's OK, I know how.'"

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