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Interprofessional Services

Uncovering the root causes of the learning, attentional, or behavioral difficulties that can affect an individual's ability to succeed at school or at work can be very challenging. The bases for these struggles are often quite complex, and can be influenced by many factors. In order to best serve patients who present with these challenges, the Loyola Clinical Centers relies on interprofessional approaches to diagnose and treat clients.

In interprofessional practice, clinicians from different academic and professional backgrounds pool their collective expertise and arrive at a more thorough understanding of the challenges a client faces and the best means of intervention. While the interprofessional practice model first began to gain prominence in the 1960s, it was not until the past decade that the collaborative approach to learning, research, and care began to be viewed as a critical strength for effective clinicians.

For clients, interprofessional assessment and intervention leads to more accurate diagnoses, less need for referrals for additional assessments, and an understanding of how to prioritize recommendations that may be difficult to follow in their entirety.

Interprofessional Specialty Services currently available at the LCC include: