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Graduate Training

Graduate Students Bring our Mission To Life

Graduate students who complete their clinical training at the LCC encounter truly one-of-a-kind experiences that equip them with the critical skills needed to provide care that makes a difference for individuals and families facing often complex challenges. Our training program emphasizes close collaboration with faculty supervisors and other students to deliver wholistic care that is financially accessible for clients.

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A unique opportunity

Students who complete their clinical training at the LCC are uniquely prepared to begin their professional careers as balanced, compassionate individuals committed to improvement on both an individual and community level—as well as at a competitive advantage for externships and jobs among their peers. A dual emphasis on scholarship and hands-on experience creates a highly relevant clinical education, one that employs the latest, empirically supported treatment, but is also immersed in the compassionate, personal, and community aspects of clinical work. At the heart of the LCC is a strong collaboration between faculty and student, institution, and community. As they complete their practitioner-based curriculum, students work closely with experienced faculty and expert supervisors to diagnose and treat a wide range of difficulties.

At one of the only interprofessional graduate training clinics in the United States, the graduate students who learn and work at the LCC and the faculty who teach here have the opportunity to contribute to both greater knowledge in their fields and the Greater Baltimore community. Graduates leave the LCC inspired and poised to effect positive change in the communities they go on to serve through their clinical skills and confidence in their ability to lead their peers.

Loyola’s Jesuit approach to educating people for and with others is a distinctive and differentiating aspect of the LCC. Instructors walk alongside graduate students in the learning process by taking into account the context of the learner and the intellectual and the affective experience of learning; reflecting, from various perspectives, on the meaning of learning; expressing learning through action; and evaluating learning through various means, including genuine changes in the learner themself. Learners are then able to reflect this spirit of care for the whole person in their own collaboration and interactions with others.

Explore Our Facilities

The LCC’s facilities and workspaces afford opportunities for collaborative and dynamic work among colleagues across disciplines, in addition to excellent clinical training and faculty supervision. Student clinicians enjoy state-of-the-art technology, gain experience with HIPAA compliant health record systems, and enjoy working in an inclusive environment in a vibrant neighborhood that offers some of Baltimore’s most popular local shopping and dining.

98 Students Trained in 2020
Illustration of a mouth talking51 Speech-Language Pathology
Illustration of a book16 Literacy Students
Illustration of a brain with gears inside31 Psychology Students